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White Lady Cemetery | Easton, CT


White Lady Cemetery or Union Cemetery, is ranked among the Top Ten Most Haunted places in the USA. It even has it’s own Wikipedia page, which makes it a pretty big deal.

The cemetery is located in quiet, woodsy town of Easton, Connecticut near to Stepney Road. The road has no streets lights, giving the cemetery upon nightfall an ominous, eerie feeling. The cemetery is surrounded by a iron gate that extends around the property and is outfitted with signs that read no trespassing after dark. Anybody who wishes to do an investigation after daylight should know you may be fined for being in the cemetery grounds after dark, and the police DO come around regularly. I have been in contact with the baptist church neighboring the cemetery in regards to doing a proper investigation, but have not been given a reply as of this time.

White Lady Cemetery is said to be haunted by the “white lady” and has been reported to have been seen by hundreds throughout the decades. Many people have been said to have taken her picture, including world renowned Demonologist, Ed Warren, and his wife Lorraine, a gifted medium. The White Lady has been said to posses long dark flowing hair, and is wearing a long, white nightgown and bonnet. She is said to haunt Route 59 and 111 where it has been said that vehicles have even collided with the spirit. In 1993, it is said than an off-duty fireman hit the ghost, the impact left a dent in his car. Imagine having to explain that to your car insurance agency…The White Lady has also been reported to haunt the nearby Stepney Cemetery, going back and forth between locations.

Another spirit that is said reside in the cemetery is the specter known as “Red Eyes”. Local legend states that a young man walking by the cemetery at night glimpsed a pair of devilish, red eyes staring at him from the brush. The young man turned and ran, hearing footsteps following behind him! Legend says that this could be the ghost of Earle Kellog, a man who was set on fire and burned to death across the street in 1939. Another theory is this “red eyes” is the victim of a drunk driving accident close by the area.

Unfortunately…the day we journeyed to White Lady Cemetery known formally as Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut our trip was cut short by a surprise April snow storm (thanks, New England!). Fearing for our Honda Civic, we decided to make the hour long trek home without having done an investigation.

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  • The Warrens wrote a book about this cemetery called “Graveyard”, have you read it? Let us know.