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When the words “time travel” come to mind, what is the first thing you think of? Endless possibilities? Ancient Rome? Or does a more skeptical thought cross your mind. Maybe you find yourself doubting it could happen at all, and if so you should probably never watch Doctor Who. You wouldn’t like it. Stay away.

But despite your opinions on the matter, I would like to share a video with you. Here is a clip from Charlie Chaplin’s film The Circus. The movie came out in 1928 and was written and directed by Charlie Chaplin and Joseph Plunkett. As you watch the flip, take special notice of the woman with her hand up next to her ear. What is that she’s talking into, is that a cell phone. It couldn’t be… could it? And that’s just it. COULD it. What in the world could that woman be talking into, in 1928. Hearing aids certainly weren’t that big… did they even exist? Certainly, there were no mobile telephones… and CERTAINLY no telephones that were small and handheld. What in the world could it be?
COULD it be possible a time traveller was caught unexpectedly on film? Certainly, she wouldn’t have to worry about being exposed then since no one knew what she was using. But now we have advanced enough for us to recognize the device, and people are becoming suspicious. C’mon lady, even Captain Jack Harkness did a better job blending in!

What do you think? What are your views on the subject? And mostly, what does this mean about our concept of time?