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Hello all!

Hope your summers have been going well. Dean and I recently got back from a vacation to Orlando, Florida and decided it was time for an investigation before I leave for Germany (next Monday). After reading about a couple of places we decided to visit Gunntown cemetery in Naugatuck, Connecticut. The cemetery was founded in 1790 and contains the bodies of many people who supported independence from Britain during the Revolutionary War.

The weird thing about this cemetery is that unlike many other haunted location there is no myth or legend surrounding the land or area that would cause there to be paranormal activity. There’s no one ghost that is said to haunt the spot, but many. The most reported phenomenon of Gunntown is the sound of children’s laughter. Many visitors report hearing the sound of children laughing in the field just beyond the back wall of the cemetery. The sound then is said to gradually move closer until it sounds like it is in fact, inside the cemetery walls. Music, specifically “rag-time” music, is said to be heard in and around the cemetery as well. One witness described it as sounding like “a coffin was buried with a record player”. And that the exact point of which the music was coming from was never determined. Another popular apparition of the cemetery is the black dog. Many people report seeing a black dog that then quickly disappears upon being spotted. Some people view the black dog as a foreshadow of death, illness or misfortune. It has been reported that 2 people can be looking in the same direction, at the same time, and only one of them will see the dog. Woof, creepy.

The first night that we went to investigate it was only Kaitlynn and I. The cemetery was wet and slippery because of the rain that had just fallen. The cemetery is on a very dark, woodsy road next to a couple of scattered houses. We entered the cemetery and began to look around. The air felt thick with anxiety. Kaitlynn soon began to feel uncomfortable not long after entering. She reported hearing  a very strange dragging sound across the grass in the beginning area of the cemetery. We still don’t know what to make of that, it definitely wasn’t either of us considering the fact that we were both completely stationary at the time. The uncomfortable feeling in the cemetery only seemed to grow worse after that point and we quickly decided to leave.

Investigation 2 – Dean and Taylor:

A couple of days later we decided to go back, this time Dean and I made the trip. We got our flashlights and equipment and journeyed inside the cemetery. Whilst in the cemetery I found myself looking at a headstone, trying to read the old writing, when suddenly it sounded like some sort of animal was behind the stone. I heard this loud and frantic scratching and scurrying noise that only seemed to be getting closer to me. It freaked me out so badly that I screamed and fell backward onto a gravestone. I looked for the animal in question but couldn’t find anything. I am positive there was no animal behind that gravestone because I had my light shining on it and would have seen it scurrying around if it was truly traveling at the speed and ferocity with which the noise was behind made. It was very frightening. We then decided to try to listen for the children near the back of the cemetery. Besides some strange rustling sounds we did not get to experience the children or music. We DID get to experience something that sounded like a rabid Capuchin monkey. So if anyone has lost their rabid pet monkey lately, he’s at the Gunntown Cemetery scaring the crap out of people. This prompted our movement into the front end of the cemetery where Dean thought he heard the sound of metal clinking together near one of the bushes. I unfortunately did not get to hear this, but I wish I had.

Gunntown Cemetery is an interesting place that produces a very interesting feeling. It feels like a combination of unsettledness mixed with the uncanny sensation of being watched. Perfect for relaxation, obviously. The monkey helps with that, also. It’s one of the most uncomfortable places I have been in a long time. You always feel like something is right over your shoulder.

So, all in all, do I think the pace is haunted? Haunted is a strong word. I would say it’s active. I would say it’s creepy, and it has something going on there that I just can’t explain. It’s no 8th gate to hell but you won’t find me sleeping over any time in the near future!

Pictures coming soon!


A Last Goodbye

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Grandma and I, age 14.

Hello everyone. It’s a little rainy and damp outside so I figured what better way to spend a day indoors then to talk about something that has effected my life deeply. I know on our “about us” page we talk all about how we got started and that we’ve seen all these things that have made it difficult to NOT believe there is something out there. Well, that’s what I want to talk about…those things. The things that have opened my eyes, and yours, and led me to believe that there’s more than what I ordinarily perceive.

But more specifically, dreams… have you ever had a dream that stuck with you? Or a dream that you haven’t forgotten even though it’s been years. I only have one dream like that, and I’d even challenge you as to say it wasn’t a dream at all.

My grandmother’s name was Elizabeth, but we all called her Betty. She was somebody people gravitated to because they could sense how special she was. At her wake over 600 hundred people showed up and everybody had a story about something she had done for them. These were people we didn’t even know existed, or knew that she had met. Everybody had a story about my grandmother… everybody there had a special experience they felt they needed to share with us. The most profound thing about my grandmother was that you could sense she was innately good. I never heard her say a bad word about anyone or anything. She loved all things, and all things loved her. Her eyes were the lightest, purest shade of blue… and when they closed for good I felt as though a piece of me had gone with her. For it was her that always encouraged me to sing and even when she was sick with lung cancer some how she got the strength up to go see me perform (small roles). I had always been nervous singing in public, but I knew that singing at her funeral was something I needed to do. My grandmother and I never had a chance to say goodbye. My parents felt as though it was too hard for me to see her in such a state. The cancer had spread to her brain and she simply was not herself anymore. Singing for her that one last time, was how I said goodbye to a woman I had loved with all my heart. I remember people telling me “oh she would have loved that”, “we had no idea you could sing, she would be so proud”. It didn’t matter. All I wanted to know was that she was proud, and I couldn’t know. She was gone.

That night I fell asleep immediately and all of a sudden I was at the beginning of the chapel walking down the main aisle. Everything was exactly how it was in real life. People giving their compliments and consolation, my grandfather in his wheelchair by the front entrance, my aunt behind him, my cousins by the door…. and that’s when I noticed somebody who hadn’t been there… my grandmother. She looked perfect, not how she looked when she had cancer. She looked exactly how she looked when she used to take care of me as a little girl. Her face was full and healthy, her cheeks the softest shade of pink. She was wearing a purple jacket with the gold butterfly pin that she loved so much. She looked like my grandma, and she looked beautiful. It was then that I noticed she was holding the hand of a red-haired woman who I had never seen before. As I looked at them, my grandmother extended her hand and with a beautiful smile looking straight into my eyes, put it gently on cheek and said “Oh Taylor, that was beautiful”. And just like that it was over, I woke up panting. And I realized in that moment, laying in my bed looking up at the fake stars on my ceiling, that she had been telling me goodbye.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t crying as I wrote this. But I know that what I experienced that night was a not a dream. Since then I have not seen in her in my dreams, though I have felt her presence and love as a constant in my life. One experience I had happened one night when I was driving home from a gig in an awful snow storm. People who live in New England know how scary it can be when the snow is falling so hard you can’t see an inch in front of you. My car was skidding out of control, and my visibility was close to nothing when I called out “Grandma, I’m scared!”. Now, I didn’t see anything. But gradually I was enveloped in a wonderful sense of calm. I righted the car with ease, and calmly drove the rest of the way home. It was as if, in one moment, all the fear in my body had been taken out and replaced with love. I didn’t worry about crashing after that moment, I simply drove home. As if nothing had ever been wrong.

I thank God for every day I spent with my grandmother, and for her beautiful soul.

Grandma and Aunt Sue.

Please share your own experiences with dream visitations in the comments : )