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First off, I’d like to apologize for our gratuitous absence! There is no good explanation for it but if I was forced to give one it’s just that life got in the way and writing took a backseat for a while. The good news is that we are back and more passionate than ever! So please, read on, it gets good!

Seaside Sanatorium is a hulking, decrepit building staring off at the Long Island Sound on one of Connecticut’s most highly visited and beautiful state parks. The building itself has become a state park of it’s own, declared by Governor Malloy in 2015, and is highly sought after by people wishing to visit it (and sneak into it).

Commissioned by the “State Tuberculosis Commission” the facility was build in 1934 and was designed by famed architect Cass Gilbert. The site was built specifically as a facility for children and young adults. Medical professionals thought that the fresh sea air and access to the beach and water would help to clear their lungs and speed up their recovery of the illness.

Unfortunately after varied success, the building closed and was reopened in 1958 as a elderly facility for 3 years until it was converted into a mental hospital. It stayed as a mental hospital until the late 1990s when death rates became unacceptable and the facility was closed in 1996. There have been reports of misconduct from state employees towards patients, but the reports were not thoroughly investigated so I guess we will never know…

Now onto the good stuff. First of all, let me explain that the condition of the buildings are so poor that going into them would be exposing yourself to black mold, asbestus and open elevator shafts filled with sea water from recent storms. It’s basically a death sentence if not a ticket to spend the night in jail – and state park employees take the liability very seriously. But when it was open, and when it was able to be investigated a lot of interesting happenings occurred. Workers in the buildings would claim to see apparitions of children/patients, sense cold spots, and hear voices and strange movements even whilst being alone. Many groups have recorded the sounds of children’s laughter and other strange unexplained noises. Objects left in rooms have been claimed to move on their own and even more creepy, the decrepit playground equipment is sometimes seen moving on its own by ghostly children who were taken too soon by an awful illness.

My boyfriend and I visited this place on an early September morning and the only word I can use to describe it is in fact, “haunting”. It’s one of those places where the feeling of history is palpable. There’s no other way to phrase it, you look at that building and it’s hard not see the images of the people and the children who came through there. The playground equipment, the large brick buildings, the nautical themed pillars on the top of the roof – it all is reminiscent of a time that you only get to see in photographs. Actually, it looks a lot like Shutter Island…

Despite being a place that had death visit it so many times, the feeling around the buildings is not a malicious or vengeful one. It’s peaceful, and calm, and the sound of the ocean makes for a serene view into the past.

Please check out our pictures of the building, all  RECENT pictures taken by Daniel Dahlstrom of Daniel Dahlstrom Photography (Atlanta, Georgia).

All images ©DanielDahlstromPhotography2015





It was around 10:00pm when Dean, Kate and I decided to go explore the South Burial Ground in Kensington, Connecticut (about 20 mins away from where we live). The weather was cold, and damp (if you don’t live in Connecticut, the weather has been equivalent to a rainforest) …but the moon was FULL and bright…so we decided to go along with what every single ghost/vampire/werewolf story has ever taught us…. that full moons and all ghoulish, creepy things go completely hand in hand, duh!

First we got lost… but finally we arrived at the cemetery, tucked away on a quiet hillside behind a multitude of trees. We were feeling a bit anxious, but put aside our fears and decided to get out of the car and explore. We were unsure if it was a genuine instinctual reaction or merely the cemeteries story getting to our heads. The backstory to this place is that an angry old man (the gatekeeper) keeps watch over this cemetery. Your first time visiting he has been known to show himself to you as an apparition. The second time, he messes with your equipment and makes all sorts of things go haywire. Although we did not see him visually strange things began happening with our electronics the minute we got out of the car. First, Kate’s phone turned on all by itself. She has a samsung phone (one I have had before) and the only way to turn it on and off is to hold the power button down for a ridiculous amount of time. I’m not bitter at all, clearly. How it turned itself on? I don’t know. Is it paranormal? I don’t know. Is it weird? Absolutely. Now, right after this happened Dean’s camera suspiciously died. Once again, can we say it’s paranormal? No. But we can’t say it isn’t either.

After oggling at our electronics for about a minute we decided to set off and try to make contact with some of the spirits said to inhabit the cemetery. We decided to try to use a flashlight to try to make contact. People who are avid ghost hunters or watchers of ghost hunters know this experiment. You take a flashlight with a push or twist top and unscrew it enough so that a tiny amount of pressure will make the light turn on, but with enough resistance that it won’t turn on for no reason. We set the flashlight on a gravestone and began respectfully asking questions to the name mentioned on the marker. After Dean asked the name on the tombstone to “not be shy” the light turn on all by itself. We tried duplicating this many times, but we could not get the light to turn on again. 😦


It was then after this that Kate began feeling a presence near where she was standing. She described the feeling of dread as so strong that she felt threatened and backed into me, almost knocking me over. Kate is a very rational person, so I absolutely believe what she is saying. She described the sensation as feeling like something was running at her full force but she couldn’t see anything with her eyes.

After that while we were investigating a little more, we heard a coyote howl! It sound like a sound effect out of a movie. And to be completely honest, we ran for the car screaming. I’m sorry, but I am not about to deal with a coyote on a FULL MOON. If it even WAS a coyote. (WEREWOLF WEREWOLF WEREWOLF!!!!!!!!)



All in all, can we say the South Burial Ground is haunted? I would be comfortable saying that there is something peculiar going on there, and that I definitely wouldn’t mind a second visit.
After being scared away by werewolves *cough* I mean, coyotes… we decided to go see our good friend the Green Lady since the location was pretty close to where we already were. So we set our gps for Upson Road in Burlington and began our journey. Can I just say Kate is the worst navigator in the world. She will literally tell you to take an exit when the exit is a second away. Now, of course I say all this with copious amounts of adoration and love. So when we fiiiiiiiiiiiiiinaaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyy arrived on the road immediately I felt a horrible feeling of dread. The air was thick, my legs became numb and my ears would not stop popping. It also didn’t help that my windshield kept fogging up (I had the vent on) and I had to keep wiping it off with my hand while trying not to freak out driving down this horrible creepy road. Gah. Anyway, I kept turning to Kate and Dean in the car and saying “I don’t want to, I don’t want to”. I have been to this cemetery many times before and only one other time had I ever felt this much of a looming presence (we didn’t even get out of the car that time). The road is a relatively short road but tonight I could have sworn to you it was miles and miles long. It seemed like we were driving for hours. Horrible, long, agonizing hours before we finally reached the clearing that is Green Lady cemetery. At first, we didn’t stop. I was too scared to stop the car. I drove to the clearing at the end of the road, where I thought I saw a green light in the distance. It turned out there was a sign at the end of that road so we are unsure of what I may have actually seen. We decided to turn the car around and parked right outside the opening of the cemetery. Immediately, it felt as if the air was super charged with electricity. Every single noise, every single crackle of a leaf, seemed to be a million times louder than it should have been. The air had a palpable quality to it. Not muggy, but dense. And thats when I saw it. I turned my head and in back of my car, and for a split second was a white outline of a figure. Immediately following my sighting, we heard horribly loud footsteps coming toward us behind the car. It was then that fight or flight took over and I screamed “WE HAVE TO GO, NOW!” and we ran into the car and took off at like 50 miles per hour. I have never felt so unwanted in my whole life. I honestly felt like if we had stayed another minute something bad would have happened. And given my past experiences with GLC before, I decided to not take any chances.
It was only after conversing in the car that Kate told me a split second before I saw the white figure she had a seen a faint ball of light near the back of the car. Could this have been the same spirit I saw?

The Mark Twain house resides on a perfectly mowed lawn, with a straight path-way leading you to the front door of the house. Before you’re even allowed to enter, you must go down the staircase and into the neighboring modern-like building and buy a ticket for the nighttime Ghost tour. There you will be greeted by a staff member who stands alone, waiting for the entire group to silence themselves. The tour guide holds up an antique looking candle encased in a glass box, to guide the way to the main entrance of Mark Twain’s beautiful mansion.

As you walk outside, you can see the house painted in a brassy red, with intricate designs around the circumference of the house, while glass windows are perched up high, with candles waiting to greet you as you come through the door.

Taylor and I first experienced the Mark Twain house in the middle of March, while the wind howled, and the night grew colder by the minute. We stood outside as the tour guide gave a simple summary of the Twain family and who they were. She shared with us what the tour would be like, and how we might encounter someone who was a part of another life.

As we walked to the entrance, I began to feel a cold chill run through the back of my spine. My heart started pumping, and Taylor and I looked at each other in confusion… What were we about to get ourselves into? The door creaked open, and the group filed in one after the other. We stood in the center of the main entrance, where the lights had been dim as if candles were the only source of light available. The main staircase stood still as it had wrapped on the first, the second, and also on the third floor, with a carpet coating covering the wood.

The woman had welcomed us into the house and showed us the library, and the dining, which had been connected to the living room. As we huddled into the living area, Taylor and I had made our way into the back of the group, standing between the dining room and the living area. Moreover, at the other end of the dining room, there was a closed door which was the entrance into the slaves quarters. As I stood still listening to the woman talk about Twain and his paranormal lifestyle. Just then, Taylor stopped listening to the tour guide and had focused on something other than the present conversation. She had snapped her head to the dining room entrance (while we were still in the living area), while holding a look of confusion stood still on her face. She tapped my shoulder anxiously and told me to stay still, and listen. I tried to drown the tour guide out, as i listened carefully to what sounded like a woman talking to another person. Her voice was monotonous, but had been rather low (like Alto low), and Taylor and I couldn’t explain it. Before we labeled it paranormal, we had to make sure it wasn’t just our imagination or another person. All of the sudden, the voiced had returned in the similar brassy tone, as we quickly raised our hand to ask the tour guide several questions. We had said that we just heard a woman talking behind the door of the slaves quarters, and we asked her two questions. 1.) Is anybody else here? 2.) Is there another tour happening? After we asked the two questions she had replied with a NO as we entered into the dining room. and at this moment… Taylor and I were still in shock.

After we had moved into the Dining Room where more encounters had begun. Taylor and I had heard footsteps going back and forth, where it was a fact that Mark Twain was someone who never really sat down to eat dinner. He would always pace back and forth on the hardwood floor of his guests. This is another mystery that Taylor and I cannot solve…

Through the night we also heard noises of door handles jingling, which would occur on a different floor than we were on. On the third floor that evening, Taylor also felt extremely sick to her stomach. Instead of saying with the group she had to sit down to relax. Her stomach was in knots and her face was flustered. She was confused, and had just wanted to leave the floor as quickly as she could. As we headed to the slaves quarters next, Taylor looked at me and said “Dean… I feel fine.” Now we don’t know what to put this under, because Taylor could have 1.) Been extremely sensitive to the EMF readings in the house or 2.) She was experiencing something paranormal.

I would highly recommend visiting this house, because it is drenched in history, relating to Mark Twain and his family, but also to the residents who lived their after he did. It use to be the home to boys at an academy. You can go to the Mark Twain House website to look up ticket information, but make sure to get tickets for the night tours. They are totally worth it. If you can’t make it to the house. look up the past episodes from Ghost Hunters and watch the evidence they have found. Experience this place for yourself… you will not leave without some type of paranormal experience. Remember to keep you mind open, and your ears available to the world around you. Mark Twain might be closer than you think.

The most  infamous room in the building, where Twain actually wrote his stories but had also played Billiards. The sound of billiard balls can be heard on other floors of the house. Also, cigar smoke can be smelt at times.

The most infamous room in the building, where Twain actually wrote his stories but had also played Billiards. The sound of billiard balls can be heard on other floors of the house. Also, cigar smoke can be smelt at times.

The exterior of the Mark Twain House

The exterior of the Mark Twain House

Mark Twain holding a mysterious ball of light.

Mark Twain holding a mysterious ball of light.

Grave on the oldest side of the cemetery.




White Lady Cemetery or Union Cemetery is ranked among the top ten most haunted places in the entire country. It even has it’s own Wikipedia page and to me, once you have your own Wikipedia page you’re pretty much a big deal. The cemetery is deep within the woodsy town of Easton, Connecticut located near Stepney Road which supposedly has it’s own haunted cemetery that I have never been to (if any one has checked it out feel free to tell us about it!). The road has no streets lights which gives it an ominous and eerie feeling. The cemetery is surrounded by a cast iron gate that goes all around the property and is littered with “no trespassing after dark signs” so anybody who wants to do a proper investigation should know you could get fined for being in there after dark and the cops DO come around regularly… which leads me to my next question. Does anybody know if this cemetery is owned by the baptist church (pictured) or is it town or private property? And who could we possibly get in contact with to do an investigation?

Anyway, the cemetery is supposedly haunted by the “white lady” who has been seen by many people! Many people have taken her picture including world renowned demonologist Ed Warren and his wife Lorraine a gifted medium (who have come out and testified to the place being haunted). The white lady is described as to having long dark hair, and wearing what looks like a long white nightgown and bonnet. She is said to haunt Route 59 and 111 and there are even reports of vehicles hitting the spooky specter! There is a myth that in 1993, an off-duty fireman in the area hit the ghost and she left a dent in his car! Imagine explaining that one to Pep Boys….

She is also said to haunt the nearby Stepney Cemetery, going back and forth between locations.

Another character that is said to reside in the cemetery is “Red Eyes”. The story goes that a young man walking by the cemetery at night saw a pair of ghoulish red eyes peering at him from the brush. He turned and ran and heard footsteps following behind him! The myth goes that this could be the ghost of Earle Kellog a man who was set fire, and burned to death across the street in 1939 or the victim of a drunk driving accident close to the area who apparently provided his name and a couple choice words to boys looking to pick up EVP’s at the cemetery.

Unfortunately…the day we journeyed to White Lady Cemetery known formally as Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut our trip was cut extremely short by an out of place snow storm (I believe these were taken in April) and fearing for the well being of all of us (and my honda civic) we decided to make the hour long trek home without having done an investigation. Here are the photos of our expedition, so that the trip will have been for if nothing but your viewing pleasure (assuming the blog has people who actually view  it….debatable).

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  • Cover of "Weird New England"

    Cover of Weird New England

    There is also a GREAT little page in Weird New England (One of my favorite books) about The White Lady Cemetery along with lots of other interesting places to read about! Great buy! Check it out : )

  • ALSO! The Warrens wrote a book about this cemetery called Graveyard, someone should read it and let us know how it is!!

Green Lady Cemetery lies tucked away on an otherwise abandoned road in almost the middle of nowhere. I say almost, because down the road a couple miles there is a random seven-eleven. Apparently in Burlington the necessity of street lights is trumped by the necessity of slurpees. Anyway, the road is used for nothing more than a turn around or some sort of through-street to an old warehouse in the clearing on the other side. Honestly, chances are if you didn’t know there was a cemetery there beforehand you may drive right past it. If there ever was some sort of grand entrance-way, that’s long gone. The cemetery has been so vandalized that most of the graves are tiny nubs of stone sticking out of the ground. Cracked, mutilated and forgotten they stand on a lonely little hill behind a sad stone wall that is falling apart long forgotten as well. The myth however, has not been forgotten and is a popular spot for ghost hunters! Like us! The graveyard is supposedly haunted by a woman named Elizabeth, who drown in a nearby swamp and has now been spotted as a green mist in the middle of the road (hence the “green” lady). Her gravestone apparently is in the cemetery but the names on the gravestones are completely illegible because of age.

There are also reports of a spooky looking cabin somewhere near the cemetery, but in all my times going there I have yet to see this cabin. Unless they mean the cabin at the beginning of the road. But that doesn’t look creepy to me at all….and it’s fairly modern. Anyway, the myth of the cabin is that there is an eerie light emitting from one of the windows and a ghostly looking woman has been seen inside (supposedly Elizabeth, I guess). Once again, I cannot say that this cabin exists because i’ve never seen it….but I also can’t say that it doesn’t.

Although I have never seen the infamous “green mist”, green lady cemetery has delivered some frights that I have found hard to forget. In the summer of 2012 a group of friends (including Dean) and I got into our cars and journeyed to the old cemetery to see what all the fuss was about and to see if anything could possibly happen to us. We got there around 11pm, it was a warm summer night and all seemed pretty quiet. We got out of our cars and began to walk around the cemetery, silently hoping something would happen. After about an hour a member of our group became frustrated with the lack of activity and started asking the ghosts questions in a manner that I can only call “taunting”. (Now, Dean and I don’t really like to taunt ghosts. We feel as once human beings they should be treated in a respectful manner so we were a bit uncomfortable with this.)

After a little bit of this I began to feel uneasy and we decided we would go back to the cars and wait a little bit before going back into the cemetery. I was sitting in the front seat of my car when my friend asked me to join her in the back so that she could show me some of the pictures she had taken. I got up and out of the car and went and sat in the back seat leaving the car door open. Suddenly, the car door slammed on me… so hard that I was thrown into my friend. My friend was actually slightly annoyed until she realized I had been pushed.  The door then closed on me again sending me further into my friend and slamming the door completely shut in the process. It was then amidst our screaming that we noticed my rear view mirror had been turned completely sideways… which was impossible since no one had been in the front seat to turn it. Our other friends upon hearing our commotion immediately from their car began asking what was wrong to us replying “we are getting OUT of here!”.I would just like to point out that the angle the car was on the hill would have made the door harder for it to close on it’s own. We were facing downhill, the nose of the car pointing downwards. The car door had to have been physically pushed closed by something and with FORCE, especially because it happened a SECOND time! The first time closed on my leg so it wasn’t able to fully close. But that’s not all! While in my drivers seat talking to our friends in the other car, both my friend and I heard a blood-curdling scream from somewhere in the woods. Now, this is a pretty wooded area….on a road that doesn’t have many houses or lights for that matter…it ALMOST looks like a highway. The scream we heard was definitely a woman, screaming at the top of her lungs. At that point we took that as a cue to leave and get out of there fearing we had frustrated the ghosts with our friend’s taunting. Could the screaming have been Elizabeth meeting her fate in the nearby swamp? Who knows.


Strange lights in the woods, green lady cemetery.


Orb of light by tree, green lady cemetery.


Stone wall entrance, green lady cemetery.


Strange lights in the woods, green lady cemetery.

So do I think green lady of Burlington, Ct is haunted? I believe something out of this world is going on there and we have a lot yet to discover about Elizabeth and her ghostly companions down on that silent, spooky, abandoned road in “almost the middle of nowhere”.