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First off, I’d like to apologize for our gratuitous absence! There is no good explanation for it but if I was forced to give one it’s just that life got in the way and writing took a backseat for a while. The good news is that we are back and more passionate than ever! So please, read on, it gets good!

Seaside Sanatorium is a hulking, decrepit building staring off at the Long Island Sound on one of Connecticut’s most highly visited and beautiful state parks. The building itself has become a state park of it’s own, declared by Governor Malloy in 2015, and is highly sought after by people wishing to visit it (and sneak into it).

Commissioned by the “State Tuberculosis Commission” the facility was build in 1934 and was designed by famed architect Cass Gilbert. The site was built specifically as a facility for children and young adults. Medical professionals thought that the fresh sea air and access to the beach and water would help to clear their lungs and speed up their recovery of the illness.

Unfortunately after varied success, the building closed and was reopened in 1958 as a elderly facility for 3 years until it was converted into a mental hospital. It stayed as a mental hospital until the late 1990s when death rates became unacceptable and the facility was closed in 1996. There have been reports of misconduct from state employees towards patients, but the reports were not thoroughly investigated so I guess we will never know…

Now onto the good stuff. First of all, let me explain that the condition of the buildings are so poor that going into them would be exposing yourself to black mold, asbestus and open elevator shafts filled with sea water from recent storms. It’s basically a death sentence if not a ticket to spend the night in jail – and state park employees take the liability very seriously. But when it was open, and when it was able to be investigated a lot of interesting happenings occurred. Workers in the buildings would claim to see apparitions of children/patients, sense cold spots, and hear voices and strange movements even whilst being alone. Many groups have recorded the sounds of children’s laughter and other strange unexplained noises. Objects left in rooms have been claimed to move on their own and even more creepy, the decrepit playground equipment is sometimes seen moving on its own by ghostly children who were taken too soon by an awful illness.

My boyfriend and I visited this place on an early September morning and the only word I can use to describe it is in fact, “haunting”. It’s one of those places where the feeling of history is palpable. There’s no other way to phrase it, you look at that building and it’s hard not see the images of the people and the children who came through there. The playground equipment, the large brick buildings, the nautical themed pillars on the top of the roof – it all is reminiscent of a time that you only get to see in photographs. Actually, it looks a lot like Shutter Island…

Despite being a place that had death visit it so many times, the feeling around the buildings is not a malicious or vengeful one. It’s peaceful, and calm, and the sound of the ocean makes for a serene view into the past.

Please check out our pictures of the building, all  RECENT pictures taken by Daniel Dahlstrom of Daniel Dahlstrom Photography (Atlanta, Georgia).

All images ©DanielDahlstromPhotography2015





Ghostly Side-Eye

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I’m sure all of us have heard a story of someone seeing something spooky out of the corner of their eye, but when they turned to look it was gone. I myself have experienced this phenomenon more times than I can possibly try to count. And I will say with complete honesty that these have been experiences with fluctuating certainty and validity. There are times when I’ve seen something in my peripheral that I sensed with every atom of my being, other times I’m certain it may have just been my imagination.

But why are “full-frontal” ghost sightings so rare? (Get your mind out of the gutter, you know what I mean!)

Well, it turns out that the key to figuring that out may lie in unearthing a few details on just how our eyes work in low light situations. We have two types of receptor cells in the back of our eyes called rods and cones. Central vision, used for seeing something with great detail, uses the cones; peripheral vision uses the rods. The differences between these cells give us different capabilities within our eyesight as a whole; and for viewing ghosts and spirits. When trying to see in low- light conditions (aka 2am in an old Connecticut cemetery) , it is well known that our central vision is weak (because of it’s dependence upon bright light, how needy ew) while our peripheral vision is much stronger in this situation. The rods in our eyes, used in peripheral vision operate a lot more efficiently during low-light conditions than the cones do; this allows the eye to detect light that is a “billion times dimmer than bright sunlight!”*

Our peripheral vision is also notoriously better at detecting motion. So that could explain why it seems the tiniest bits of movement seem to trigger the “there’s a ghost in my house” reaction.

But what do you think? Can we trust our peripheral vision though it may not be as clear as our central vision? Does its many useful attributes make up for the details it lacks, or can it not be trusted as a whole?

Wait…. What was that…. Was that a ghost?

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* direct quotation

Hello all!

Hope your summers have been going well. Dean and I recently got back from a vacation to Orlando, Florida and decided it was time for an investigation before I leave for Germany (next Monday). After reading about a couple of places we decided to visit Gunntown cemetery in Naugatuck, Connecticut. The cemetery was founded in 1790 and contains the bodies of many people who supported independence from Britain during the Revolutionary War.

The weird thing about this cemetery is that unlike many other haunted location there is no myth or legend surrounding the land or area that would cause there to be paranormal activity. There’s no one ghost that is said to haunt the spot, but many. The most reported phenomenon of Gunntown is the sound of children’s laughter. Many visitors report hearing the sound of children laughing in the field just beyond the back wall of the cemetery. The sound then is said to gradually move closer until it sounds like it is in fact, inside the cemetery walls. Music, specifically “rag-time” music, is said to be heard in and around the cemetery as well. One witness described it as sounding like “a coffin was buried with a record player”. And that the exact point of which the music was coming from was never determined. Another popular apparition of the cemetery is the black dog. Many people report seeing a black dog that then quickly disappears upon being spotted. Some people view the black dog as a foreshadow of death, illness or misfortune. It has been reported that 2 people can be looking in the same direction, at the same time, and only one of them will see the dog. Woof, creepy.

The first night that we went to investigate it was only Kaitlynn and I. The cemetery was wet and slippery because of the rain that had just fallen. The cemetery is on a very dark, woodsy road next to a couple of scattered houses. We entered the cemetery and began to look around. The air felt thick with anxiety. Kaitlynn soon began to feel uncomfortable not long after entering. She reported hearing  a very strange dragging sound across the grass in the beginning area of the cemetery. We still don’t know what to make of that, it definitely wasn’t either of us considering the fact that we were both completely stationary at the time. The uncomfortable feeling in the cemetery only seemed to grow worse after that point and we quickly decided to leave.

Investigation 2 – Dean and Taylor:

A couple of days later we decided to go back, this time Dean and I made the trip. We got our flashlights and equipment and journeyed inside the cemetery. Whilst in the cemetery I found myself looking at a headstone, trying to read the old writing, when suddenly it sounded like some sort of animal was behind the stone. I heard this loud and frantic scratching and scurrying noise that only seemed to be getting closer to me. It freaked me out so badly that I screamed and fell backward onto a gravestone. I looked for the animal in question but couldn’t find anything. I am positive there was no animal behind that gravestone because I had my light shining on it and would have seen it scurrying around if it was truly traveling at the speed and ferocity with which the noise was behind made. It was very frightening. We then decided to try to listen for the children near the back of the cemetery. Besides some strange rustling sounds we did not get to experience the children or music. We DID get to experience something that sounded like a rabid Capuchin monkey. So if anyone has lost their rabid pet monkey lately, he’s at the Gunntown Cemetery scaring the crap out of people. This prompted our movement into the front end of the cemetery where Dean thought he heard the sound of metal clinking together near one of the bushes. I unfortunately did not get to hear this, but I wish I had.

Gunntown Cemetery is an interesting place that produces a very interesting feeling. It feels like a combination of unsettledness mixed with the uncanny sensation of being watched. Perfect for relaxation, obviously. The monkey helps with that, also. It’s one of the most uncomfortable places I have been in a long time. You always feel like something is right over your shoulder.

So, all in all, do I think the pace is haunted? Haunted is a strong word. I would say it’s active. I would say it’s creepy, and it has something going on there that I just can’t explain. It’s no 8th gate to hell but you won’t find me sleeping over any time in the near future!

Pictures coming soon!


First off, I’d just like to apologize for our unintentional hiatus. Dean moved to Staten Island, New York and I was cast in an opera called Street Scene that pretty much took up all my time. It was fabulous (in case you’re wondering) and completely worth every second. BUT THAT DOESN’T CHANGE THE FACT THAT WE HAVEN’T POSTED!

Anyway, over the break Dean and I got together and took a little trip to Torrington to visit the Yankee Pedlar Inn. The Inn was built by Frank Conley an Irish immigrant and opened on July 28th, 1891. The Inn was originally called the Conley Inn and was owned by him and his wife Alice Tyron. The name was changed to The Yankee Pedlar on October 5th, 1940 and has remained so ever since…

If the name sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because the inn is notorious for it’s haunted happenings and a movie that was shot on location called The Innkeepers starring Sara Paxton, Pat Healy and Kelly McGillis. The movie was written and directed by Ti West an American writer, director and actor. The movie is about an old inn in the final days of business, and follows the adventures and curiosities of the final 2 employees working on site. The two employees realize they have limited time to discover the truth about the ghosts of the inn and make it their quest to find answers. If you’re wondering what the inn looks like, just watch the movie… it’s pretty much unchanged. The ghosts mentioned in the movie are not related to the actual spirits said to haunt the place.

Since I was just in an opera, let’s do this in a way that feels more natural to me right now…..

Now presenting…………..



Frank and Alice Conley ——— GHOSTLY OCCUPANTS OF ROOM 353

Unidentified Older Woman – GHOSTLY OCCUPANT OF 295

Rocking Chair Belonging to Alice Conley ———- ROCKS BY ITSELF IN LOBBY



Now that you know of the cast, I’ll get a little more into the plot. Dean and I originally had intended to stay in room 295, but upon arrival found that the room’s heat was broken (I know spirits can cause temperature dips but this was RIDICULOUS). After telling the front desk our dilemma the management decided that since we had come for the ghosts, they would move us to the suite the Conley’s had lived in… room 353. At the desk we had a wonderful time talking to the management and hearing the stories they had to tell us. One woman working there reported seeing shadows all around the building, another told us a story of a group of male college students staying in room 353 who were so terrified they checked out early. Occupants of room 353 report phantom smells and the apparition of a woman and older man. Occupants also report the sensation of somebody getting into bed with them during the night. The owner of the inn is very nice, and jokingly warned us not to sleep in the bed in the front room claiming “it was Alice’s and that’s where she sleeps”. We obliged, and Dean and I ended up squeezing into a tiny double bed in the old living room section of the room. We had never felt so close.

The Conley Suite (353) consists of 2 rooms and a bathroom that is slightly elevated off of the floor in the peach section of the suite. The suite itself is pretty old, with lots of old fixtures and creaky floors. We started our investigation around 9pm, using our evp recorder to ask and listen for responses to our questions. Unfortunately, nothing came to fruition from that and we decided to try to get some sleep so that we could continue later on in the night. While sleeping both of us had some strange occurrences involving the blankets. At one point during our nap Dean felt somebody tuck the blanket under his foot, and I was awoken suddenly by the blanket on my left side being pulled sharply and distinctly. Obviously, this confused both of us, but nothing felt malicious so we continued sleeping. Later on during the night we decided to explore more of the old inn. While looking around the hallways we heard a distinct hand clap. This was odd because we were one of only 2 other guests in the inn at the time (we were there in the aftermath of a horrible snow storm, travel was abysmal). We followed the sound, but could not find anyone or anything that could have made it. Upon returning to our room, we started to hear people talking. At first we thought it was probably the owner of the inn, but we quickly realized it couldn’t be because the voice speaking had an American accent. The owner of the Inn is very, very British and so is his children. We don’t know who it was, and the guests besides were in a completely different area. We still have no explanation for this. The final strange thing that happened was the questionable opening of the bathroom door. We both believe we closed it before going to bed, but later on in the night (around 3am) found it open. We are unsure if we opened it ourselves and this remains in debate… ha


All in all, can we say this Inn is haunted? I don’t know, but we can definitely say it’s a warm and welcoming place to stay with a great restaurant and tons of creepy fun! I recommend watching the movie first to get you all good and scared, it will add to your imagination if nothing else!


Historical Information Provided by: – go and book your stay!


Dean in the lobby




Surprise! We had an impromptu tour of the Warner Theater, another notoriously haunted spot in Torrington, Connecticut!


LOOK! If you look on stage and compare between the 1st picture and this one, you can see the ORB on stage does not appear in the first picture, but in this one!



Peach Room, Conley Suite


We got some good readings in the hotel with our EMF. An Old checker board in the lobby INEXPLICABLY had a very high electro-magnetic reading for just being an old checker board. We of course checked the board for any electronics but found none. Opinions? Theories? Anyone?


Lobby, Old Telephone and Alice’s Rocking Char (The is supposed to move by itself).


We SOOOO enjoyed our stay and our fab dinner at Bogey’s! Get the chicken parm, our fave!


Alice’s Rocking Chair, don’t sit!!!


Olive Room, during Investigation.


Ye Old Conley Stagecoach lol




The Olive Room in the Conley Suite!

So, I had a bit of an unexpected adventure this morning! My birthday is coming up in a couple of days (Tuesday) and my parents informed me last night that they had a surprise for me the next morning and to be ready at 10am. So just like a kid waiting to get to Disney land, I stayed up all night and thought about what this surprise could be… at one point I thought it was just a giant plot to get me to go to the dentist… but thank god it turned out it wasn’t.

My dad has a very special job, and for legal reasons I can’t tell you what that is. All I can say is that there are certain (though not many) perks that come with it, like getting to explore an old abandoned jail. Unfortunately, due to more legal reasons, I cannot disclose to you the name or the location of the jail we visited today. But I was able to take plenty of photos of the inside to show you!

The site is now for sale, so after the sale goes through I will probably be able to disclose details of its location!

This particular jail was built-in 1812 and is one of the oldest penal facilities in the state. After closing in 1994 the jail served as a rehabilitation center, and a halfway house for women until 2008. Now it stands empty at the end of a busy road, waiting to be sold, aching to be useful again. The jail, was not a maximum security prison, it mostly held people for petty crimes or people awaiting trial. One of the most severe criminals it ever saw was a man who stabbed his wife out of anger, which lead to the formation of the recent domestic violence laws in the state it resides.

The woman lived, the police department was sued for negligence (they ignored the call) and she is now a millionaire.

A cell on the older side of the prison, the ceilings are under six feet tall and the width is just enough that you can stretch your arms across.

A cell on the older side of the prison, the ceilings are under six feet tall and the width is just enough that you can stretch your arms across.

The building has also had its fair share of unexplained occurrences, though the disturbances are not really talked outside the thin circle of former employees and police. You won’t find this location on an encyclopedia of haunted locations, shadowlands or in the newspaper. This haunted location is a well-kept haunted secret. People report all kinds of strange phenomena such as heavy boots walking up to you from behind, cell doors closing, voices, and strange creepy feelings. There are a couple correctional employes that once their maintenance rounds are done, they get right out because of the strong sensation of being followed. The site has also been investigated by world-renowned demonologist John Zaffis (The Haunted Collector) who looked into buying the place to turn it into his Haunted Museum. I am unsure of any evidence Mr. Zaffis collected, but I know he felt particularly uneasy in the kitchen area of the building.

While I was there I felt many strange sensations. While next to a cell used as the “suicide cell” (where they kept mentally ill inmates who showed a high risk of suicide) I had the feeling that something, or someone was directly behind me. The feeling ignited my fight or flight instincts and I jolted myself forward a little bit, with my head cocked over my shoulder looking for the person I had sensed. Obviously, there was no one there but that energy I felt was unmistakable. It was almost as if I could see it in my minds eye while it was happening. This dense black energy coming out of the shadows to swallow me whole. But how would I know that? I was facing the complete other direction… but my minds eye felt like it could see it creeping it’s way out of the shadows and slowly engulfing the tips of my elbows as they bent to hold the camera. I know that all sounds painfully dramatic, and I can’t testify that that’s what happened. I can only tell you what I felt.

The "suicide cell" in the newer part of the prison.

The “suicide cell” in the newer part of the prison.

The hallway where I sensed the person behind me. The "SC" is all the way down this hallway, on the right.

The hallway where I sensed the person behind me. The “SC” is all the way down this hallway, on the right.

Though I had many strange feelings and sensations (the atmosphere inside the old jail is a strangely oppressive one) one particular moment stood out to me. While in the room where inmates could purchase items from the store I realized my heart was beating wildly fast. I stood still for a moment and wondered if my body was instinctually reacting to something my mind wasn’t even aware of yet. I hadn’t been even aware that I was so nervous until I felt the wild pounding of my heart beat and my blood rushing to my head in fast, frantic pulses. This was odd to me, and I wonder what had been in that room to make me react like that. The man showing us around the jail commented after we walked out that those rooms ‘make him very uneasy’. This is a man whose father had worked in this jail, he’d played matchbox cars on the floor of this jail up, is a retired police officer and works in another more terrifying prison…. if he says something makes him uneasy, I immediately start to question what’s there.

Supposedly, this big red wall hides a tunnel used to take inmates across the square to the place where they were to be hung. Nobody knows the exact location of the tunnel, but most people suspect this location in the basement. The tunnel system was an attempt to avoid the public and give the inmate some privacy as he walked to his death.

Supposedly, this big red wall hides a tunnel used to take inmates across the square to the place where they were to be hung. Nobody knows the exact location of the tunnel, but most people suspect this location in the basement. The tunnel system was an attempt to avoid the public and give the inmate some privacy as he walked to his death.

This is where they put you if you misbehaved. The room is about 4 feet wide with a cell door to lock the prisoner in. In front of the cell door is a steel door to keep out any trace of sunlight. They weren't messing around...

This is where they put you if you misbehaved. The room is about 4 feet wide with a cell door to lock the prisoner in. In front of the cell door is a steel door to keep out any trace of sunlight. They weren’t messing around…

Not a ghost, that's my mom

Not a ghost, that’s my mom


Not sure who Chevy was trying to reach, advertising in a jail cell....

Not sure who Chevy was trying to reach, advertising in a jail cell…. ” WE MAKE FAST GET AWAY CARS?”

People have reported seeing a man standing in front of this window late at night when nobody is in the building.

I have 3 hours of voice recordings to go through, so bear with me while I go through that. Will report back with any thing I find!


Would I say the place is haunted?

I think this undisclosed jail in this undisclosed location is a real interesting place when it comes to the paranormal. The energy of the building emits this sort of anxious vibe, which to me, seems pretty appropriate. The building wasn’t housing mass murderers or anything like that for long periods of time, this was a place people went when they were waiting to be transferred or tried. I’m sure many nervous people sat behind the big steel doors on the front of those tiny cells. As I am sure something of them and their energy is still there…

Hello everybody! Sorry for the delay, Dean has been packing to leave me all alone *cough* I mean, go away to school and I’ve started back up with voice lessons so things have been a little crazy. But despite our insane schedules we found some time to go out and do a little research on some places we thought were quite interesting.

The first of those places is the Comstock Covered Bridge in East Hampton, Connecticut. The bridge was built-in 1840 to allow passage across the Salmon River to places like Colchester and Middletown. It was also a popular hangout for young lovers and teenagers to hang out since most people did not travel at night. If you go inside the bridge you can see all sorts of initials and carvings that have been done over the years spanning from the 1800s right up to 2013. I guess some things never change 😉

Anyway, the story goes that this bridge was the meeting place of two young lovers whose names we don’t know but 10 bucks says it’s written on the walls somewhere….

The boy in the relationship continued to come meet the girl at the bridge until one night all he found was a note that said something along the lines of her not being interested in the relationship anymore. Typical. This boy supposedly came back to the bridge every night to leave letters for the uninterested girl until one night he hung himself in anguish. The legend goes that if you walk into the bridge you can hear the sad boy whisper “whyyyyyyyyy” in your ear.

The bridge is right next to Portland, Connecticut on an otherwise empty and dark road. I will warn any ghost seekers, the place is monitored by a security camera attached to the top of the bridge so come at your own risk it is plainly stated the park closes at sundown. When Dean and I went we conducted a short EVP session and did a EMF scan of the bridge in the hopes of picking up something but to no avail. We didn’t hear anything, or see anything out of the usual. Maybe the boy finally moved on, maybe not. But he definitely wasn’t there that night.

So do I think the Comstock Covered Bridge is haunted? ………. I think that there is a great difference between ghost stories and creepy Connecticut Myths and Legends…. and I think the Comstock might just be that. BUT WHO KNOWS! I would LOVE to be proven wrong!!

The second creepy place we visited recently was the Lamson Corner Cemetery in Burlington, Connecticut. This cemetery is reportedly the vacation home of Green Lady Cemetery’s “Green Lady” or “Elizabeth” who was drowned in a swamp near by to the cemetery while her husband watched. She is now seen as a green mist on the road leading to the Green Lady Cemetery on Upson Road AND apparently at this cemetery on Milford Street. The cemetery is also home to another ghost of a war veteran who appeared to a man on his visit to the cemetery. The young man, thinking those ghost was a real person called out to him and asked him the time. After the question was asked the ghost disappeared much to the young man’s surprise. Lights and orbs have also reportedly been seen inside the cemetery by motorists and people visiting.

The cemetery is located on a dark road deep in the woods of Burlington, Connecticut. It’s located on top of a small hill, which you have to walk up to get to the entrance. The cemetery looks old and slightly run down. The grass is not cut, and it does not look like it gets many visitors. My cousin and I made the journey last night in hopes of seeing the things people claim to see all the time. Upon entering the cemetery, we both felt fine. The cemetery is a small, comfortable place with a big tree in the middle and an old stone wall surrounded the property. We conducted various EVP sessions, but despite what I thought was slight movement behind one of the trees nothing happened to make me believe anything was there that night.

Am I saying these places aren’t haunted? No. All I am saying is we didn’t experience anything in the times that we went there! Investigating the paranormal is just like anything else in the world, unpredictable! Sometimes you win the lottery and some times you go empty-handed, and part of being a good investigator is being truthful in your experiences and accepting the evidence or lack of evidence that you got!

ON A BRIGHTER NOTE! We visited our bff the Green Lady on Upson Road and got an AMAZING EVP after both of us saw movement in the same corner of the cemetery! Upon me declaring the presence of an orb in one of my photos you hear the guttural growl of a man saying “yaaaaa”. My mother says it’s so creepy she can’t hear it again. Will have to find some way to share it with you!!!

IN CONCLUSION, let’s all wish Dean safe travels as he journeys his way to Wagner College on Staten Island to pursue his dream of being a Musical Theater performer. Bravo, Deano! You will be missed!

Dean as Edna in Hairspray

Dean as Edna in Hairspray

Information credit goes out to:

With the release of The Conjuring there’s been a lot of talk about Ed and Lorraine Warren, a married couple who dedicated their lives to the research of the paranormal. Ed (who died in 2006) was one of only a handful of demonologists recognized by the Catholic church and Lorraine, who still gives tours of the Warrenology Museum, (Monroe, Connecticut) is a clairvoyant and light trance medium. (You can find info about the tours at:

Recently while on vacation I had the pleasure of reading the book that covers their life story. The book is called The Demonologist and is written by Gerald Daniel Brittle a noted Non-Fiction author. The book is very conversational and takes you through their lives starting at the very beginning, and then step by step through some of their most notable cases.

The Annabelle Case: Annabelle was a rag-doll acquired by two young nurses who thought she was possessed by the spirit of a little girl who had died. After strange and disturbing things started happening, the possession of Annabelle revealed itself to be a lot darker than any one had originally suspected. She is now on display at the Warrenology museum where you can see her… but I warn you now … keep your distance!

On a side note! To anyone who saw The Conjuring, can you believe what they did to Annabelle?! They made her 100 times more creepy than she actually is! I mean, she is creepy… but the doll in the movie is just horrid looking. May I also say it was interesting to, after reading the file, be able to pick out the truth and dramatizations between the actual case and the hollywood add-ins.

The Hillman Case: A case involving a young family and an overly curious daughter who mistakenly used a conjuring book (given to her by her mother) to summon demons into her suburban home near the University of Massachusetts. These case takes you through the stages of demonic infestation experienced by the children of the Hillman family and gives a great example of the terror that these evil spirits can instill in unsuspecting victims.

– OK, what mother, spiritual or not, gives A CONJURING BOOK OF DEMONS TO HER DAUGHTER TO PLAY WITH. That’s just complete stupidity on her part! What happened to… makeup…. or, or, hair bows or some nice book like The Great Gatsby for godsakes! I don’t understand.

The Donovan Case: This case involves another young suburban family who mistakingly invited demons into their life. The daughter of the family, bored and lonely, started playing with a Ouija board and became infatuated with the ghost of a young boy whom she began talking to. As it turns out, after inviting him to manifest, he turned out not be a boy…. and not so nice after all. This case is also documented with photos of levitating objects and demonic phenomenon. This case was one of the most severe the Warrens ever experienced. The phenomenon went on to include the deportation of objects and the manifestation of small rocks falling from the sky onto the top of their house! This infestation was also impressive because of the presence of higher level demons…it makes for an extremely interesting read that will stay with you when you’re trying to go to sleep that night.

– The photos are pretty old so not all of them are clear. I believe the Warrens so to me, they are very impressive! I leave everyone to formulate their own opinion though! ALSO, in the book it says the police officers had NO EXPLANATION for the stones that fell mysterious out of the sky onto their roof. SO someone needs to find the Donovan family police report!! PEOPLE OF WORDPRESS, THIS IS YOUR QUEST.

The Enfield Voices: The story of a house in London that makes Amityville look like child’s play! The family involved experienced severe demonic activity for what I believe was six horrendous years of torture. The family had not one, but something like 8 demonic spirits infesting their home all at once. The spirits would go as far as to have conversations with each other when people were in the room, and from empty rooms in the house!

– Also, the conversations between Ed and the demonic spirits at times is SO colloquial it’s…funny.

The book as a whole is amazingly informative. You hear about their lives, how they started out and more importantly the EXTREME price they have had to pay for being involved in their work. The Warrens have led an absolutely extraordinary life and career that is certainly worth reading about and like they say, when it comes to the demonic, knowledge is our best defense! This book tells you everything you’ve ever wanted to know (or not wanted to know) about the demonic and how not to fall into its many traps!

I do have to say though, while the book talks very frequently about The Amityville Horror and the things Kathy and George Lutz experienced, in no way is this what the book is about. I would not buy this book if that is what you are interested in learning more about. This book is about their lives and their career as a whole.

All in all, 10 out of 10 stars… just don’t read it at night… unless you don’t mind being paralyzed with fear…. :p