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First off, I’d like to apologize for our gratuitous absence! There is no good explanation for it but if I was forced to give one it’s just that life got in the way and writing took a backseat for a while. The good news is that we are back and more passionate than ever! So please, read on, it gets good!

Seaside Sanatorium is a hulking, decrepit building staring off at the Long Island Sound on one of Connecticut’s most highly visited and beautiful state parks. The building itself has become a state park of it’s own, declared by Governor Malloy in 2015, and is highly sought after by people wishing to visit it (and sneak into it).

Commissioned by the “State Tuberculosis Commission” the facility was build in 1934 and was designed by famed architect Cass Gilbert. The site was built specifically as a facility for children and young adults. Medical professionals thought that the fresh sea air and access to the beach and water would help to clear their lungs and speed up their recovery of the illness.

Unfortunately after varied success, the building closed and was reopened in 1958 as a elderly facility for 3 years until it was converted into a mental hospital. It stayed as a mental hospital until the late 1990s when death rates became unacceptable and the facility was closed in 1996. There have been reports of misconduct from state employees towards patients, but the reports were not thoroughly investigated so I guess we will never know…

Now onto the good stuff. First of all, let me explain that the condition of the buildings are so poor that going into them would be exposing yourself to black mold, asbestus and open elevator shafts filled with sea water from recent storms. It’s basically a death sentence if not a ticket to spend the night in jail – and state park employees take the liability very seriously. But when it was open, and when it was able to be investigated a lot of interesting happenings occurred. Workers in the buildings would claim to see apparitions of children/patients, sense cold spots, and hear voices and strange movements even whilst being alone. Many groups have recorded the sounds of children’s laughter and other strange unexplained noises. Objects left in rooms have been claimed to move on their own and even more creepy, the decrepit playground equipment is sometimes seen moving on its own by ghostly children who were taken too soon by an awful illness.

My boyfriend and I visited this place on an early September morning and the only word I can use to describe it is in fact, “haunting”. It’s one of those places where the feeling of history is palpable. There’s no other way to phrase it, you look at that building and it’s hard not see the images of the people and the children who came through there. The playground equipment, the large brick buildings, the nautical themed pillars on the top of the roof – it all is reminiscent of a time that you only get to see in photographs. Actually, it looks a lot like Shutter Island…

Despite being a place that had death visit it so many times, the feeling around the buildings is not a malicious or vengeful one. It’s peaceful, and calm, and the sound of the ocean makes for a serene view into the past.

Please check out our pictures of the building, all  RECENT pictures taken by Daniel Dahlstrom of Daniel Dahlstrom Photography (Atlanta, Georgia).

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Undead Italy (Urbania)

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First, may I start off by apologizing for my long absence! I spent all of June in Urbania, Italy studying and singing the Italian language. Upon returning home, my laptop broke! I am literally writing this post on my phone so bear with me! 🙂

Urbania is a beautiful old city in the mountainous “La Marche” region of Italy. The city is very small and personal but with everything from delicious gelato to creepy mummies…. Did I really just say mummies? Yup.
Now, I know this technically is a ghost blog but I could resist talking about this fantastic experience I had while in Urbania. The mummies reside at a small church near the town center called La Chiesa di Morti (Church of the dead). The church is very old and very tiny, with only a couple pews and a very tiny altar. I am unsure if any actual masses are held at the church, from what I can tell it seemed more like a museum or a final resting place for 18 mummies. The tour guide then takes you into a small circular room surrounded by human sculls, with a macabre chandelier in the middle made with the tops of what appeared to be human femurs. So if you’re squeamish don’t look up….. Or right…. Or left….. Or behind you….. Ok just don’t look anywhere. you will puke.

You find yourself wondering, while surrounded by all these human remains “how the heck did this get here?!”.
The mummies were put there in 1833 by the Brotherhood of Good Death (what?). The intentions of these brothers were to provide assistance to the poor and dying, and to provide free burial to those who couldn’t afford it. The mummies were all poor people (except for 2, one of whom was a philanthropist who wanted to be buried with the poor) who were buried without coffins and mummified naturally by mushrooms in the ground that absorbed the moisture from their bodies leaving the skin and internal organs in tact. While on the tour you will hear a synopsis on how each of them died, how old they were, and even their name. One of the mummies was stabbed to death, with his stab wound and autopsy cut still visible! Though, im not sure why he needed the autopsy if he had a knife between his ribs…
Another of the mummies is even wearing clothing, the rest are naked which is how they were buried. He was the only mummy who was artificially mummified, and dressed in the clothes of his profession (a priest). He stands in the middle of the room carrying his staff.


Am I saying this church is haunted? No, not really. But I would say the mummies legacies are alive and well, literally! One of the mummies who was a pharmacist has direct descendants who run the pharmacy in town! Talk about family operated! Go to Urbania and experience the mummies for yourself! And while you’re there pick up a cannoli at the Cafe Teatro….mmmmmm…. It’s worth the trip.