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Hello all!

Hope your summers have been going well. Dean and I recently got back from a vacation to Orlando, Florida and decided it was time for an investigation before I leave for Germany (next Monday). After reading about a couple of places we decided to visit Gunntown cemetery in Naugatuck, Connecticut. The cemetery was founded in 1790 and contains the bodies of many people who supported independence from Britain during the Revolutionary War.

The weird thing about this cemetery is that unlike many other haunted location there is no myth or legend surrounding the land or area that would cause there to be paranormal activity. There’s no one ghost that is said to haunt the spot, but many. The most reported phenomenon of Gunntown is the sound of children’s laughter. Many visitors report hearing the sound of children laughing in the field just beyond the back wall of the cemetery. The sound then is said to gradually move closer until it sounds like it is in fact, inside the cemetery walls. Music, specifically “rag-time” music, is said to be heard in and around the cemetery as well. One witness described it as sounding like “a coffin was buried with a record player”. And that the exact point of which the music was coming from was never determined. Another popular apparition of the cemetery is the black dog. Many people report seeing a black dog that then quickly disappears upon being spotted. Some people view the black dog as a foreshadow of death, illness or misfortune. It has been reported that 2 people can be looking in the same direction, at the same time, and only one of them will see the dog. Woof, creepy.

The first night that we went to investigate it was only Kaitlynn and I. The cemetery was wet and slippery because of the rain that had just fallen. The cemetery is on a very dark, woodsy road next to a couple of scattered houses. We entered the cemetery and began to look around. The air felt thick with anxiety. Kaitlynn soon began to feel uncomfortable not long after entering. She reported hearing  a very strange dragging sound across the grass in the beginning area of the cemetery. We still don’t know what to make of that, it definitely wasn’t either of us considering the fact that we were both completely stationary at the time. The uncomfortable feeling in the cemetery only seemed to grow worse after that point and we quickly decided to leave.

Investigation 2 – Dean and Taylor:

A couple of days later we decided to go back, this time Dean and I made the trip. We got our flashlights and equipment and journeyed inside the cemetery. Whilst in the cemetery I found myself looking at a headstone, trying to read the old writing, when suddenly it sounded like some sort of animal was behind the stone. I heard this loud and frantic scratching and scurrying noise that only seemed to be getting closer to me. It freaked me out so badly that I screamed and fell backward onto a gravestone. I looked for the animal in question but couldn’t find anything. I am positive there was no animal behind that gravestone because I had my light shining on it and would have seen it scurrying around if it was truly traveling at the speed and ferocity with which the noise was behind made. It was very frightening. We then decided to try to listen for the children near the back of the cemetery. Besides some strange rustling sounds we did not get to experience the children or music. We DID get to experience something that sounded like a rabid Capuchin monkey. So if anyone has lost their rabid pet monkey lately, he’s at the Gunntown Cemetery scaring the crap out of people. This prompted our movement into the front end of the cemetery where Dean thought he heard the sound of metal clinking together near one of the bushes. I unfortunately did not get to hear this, but I wish I had.

Gunntown Cemetery is an interesting place that produces a very interesting feeling. It feels like a combination of unsettledness mixed with the uncanny sensation of being watched. Perfect for relaxation, obviously. The monkey helps with that, also. It’s one of the most uncomfortable places I have been in a long time. You always feel like something is right over your shoulder.

So, all in all, do I think the pace is haunted? Haunted is a strong word. I would say it’s active. I would say it’s creepy, and it has something going on there that I just can’t explain. It’s no 8th gate to hell but you won’t find me sleeping over any time in the near future!

Pictures coming soon!



First off, I’d just like to apologize for our unintentional hiatus. Dean moved to Staten Island, New York and I was cast in an opera called Street Scene that pretty much took up all my time. It was fabulous (in case you’re wondering) and completely worth every second. BUT THAT DOESN’T CHANGE THE FACT THAT WE HAVEN’T POSTED!

Anyway, over the break Dean and I got together and took a little trip to Torrington to visit the Yankee Pedlar Inn. The Inn was built by Frank Conley an Irish immigrant and opened on July 28th, 1891. The Inn was originally called the Conley Inn and was owned by him and his wife Alice Tyron. The name was changed to The Yankee Pedlar on October 5th, 1940 and has remained so ever since…

If the name sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because the inn is notorious for it’s haunted happenings and a movie that was shot on location called The Innkeepers starring Sara Paxton, Pat Healy and Kelly McGillis. The movie was written and directed by Ti West an American writer, director and actor. The movie is about an old inn in the final days of business, and follows the adventures and curiosities of the final 2 employees working on site. The two employees realize they have limited time to discover the truth about the ghosts of the inn and make it their quest to find answers. If you’re wondering what the inn looks like, just watch the movie… it’s pretty much unchanged. The ghosts mentioned in the movie are not related to the actual spirits said to haunt the place.

Since I was just in an opera, let’s do this in a way that feels more natural to me right now…..

Now presenting…………..



Frank and Alice Conley ——— GHOSTLY OCCUPANTS OF ROOM 353

Unidentified Older Woman – GHOSTLY OCCUPANT OF 295

Rocking Chair Belonging to Alice Conley ———- ROCKS BY ITSELF IN LOBBY



Now that you know of the cast, I’ll get a little more into the plot. Dean and I originally had intended to stay in room 295, but upon arrival found that the room’s heat was broken (I know spirits can cause temperature dips but this was RIDICULOUS). After telling the front desk our dilemma the management decided that since we had come for the ghosts, they would move us to the suite the Conley’s had lived in… room 353. At the desk we had a wonderful time talking to the management and hearing the stories they had to tell us. One woman working there reported seeing shadows all around the building, another told us a story of a group of male college students staying in room 353 who were so terrified they checked out early. Occupants of room 353 report phantom smells and the apparition of a woman and older man. Occupants also report the sensation of somebody getting into bed with them during the night. The owner of the inn is very nice, and jokingly warned us not to sleep in the bed in the front room claiming “it was Alice’s and that’s where she sleeps”. We obliged, and Dean and I ended up squeezing into a tiny double bed in the old living room section of the room. We had never felt so close.

The Conley Suite (353) consists of 2 rooms and a bathroom that is slightly elevated off of the floor in the peach section of the suite. The suite itself is pretty old, with lots of old fixtures and creaky floors. We started our investigation around 9pm, using our evp recorder to ask and listen for responses to our questions. Unfortunately, nothing came to fruition from that and we decided to try to get some sleep so that we could continue later on in the night. While sleeping both of us had some strange occurrences involving the blankets. At one point during our nap Dean felt somebody tuck the blanket under his foot, and I was awoken suddenly by the blanket on my left side being pulled sharply and distinctly. Obviously, this confused both of us, but nothing felt malicious so we continued sleeping. Later on during the night we decided to explore more of the old inn. While looking around the hallways we heard a distinct hand clap. This was odd because we were one of only 2 other guests in the inn at the time (we were there in the aftermath of a horrible snow storm, travel was abysmal). We followed the sound, but could not find anyone or anything that could have made it. Upon returning to our room, we started to hear people talking. At first we thought it was probably the owner of the inn, but we quickly realized it couldn’t be because the voice speaking had an American accent. The owner of the Inn is very, very British and so is his children. We don’t know who it was, and the guests besides were in a completely different area. We still have no explanation for this. The final strange thing that happened was the questionable opening of the bathroom door. We both believe we closed it before going to bed, but later on in the night (around 3am) found it open. We are unsure if we opened it ourselves and this remains in debate… ha


All in all, can we say this Inn is haunted? I don’t know, but we can definitely say it’s a warm and welcoming place to stay with a great restaurant and tons of creepy fun! I recommend watching the movie first to get you all good and scared, it will add to your imagination if nothing else!


Historical Information Provided by: – go and book your stay!


Dean in the lobby




Surprise! We had an impromptu tour of the Warner Theater, another notoriously haunted spot in Torrington, Connecticut!


LOOK! If you look on stage and compare between the 1st picture and this one, you can see the ORB on stage does not appear in the first picture, but in this one!



Peach Room, Conley Suite


We got some good readings in the hotel with our EMF. An Old checker board in the lobby INEXPLICABLY had a very high electro-magnetic reading for just being an old checker board. We of course checked the board for any electronics but found none. Opinions? Theories? Anyone?


Lobby, Old Telephone and Alice’s Rocking Char (The is supposed to move by itself).


We SOOOO enjoyed our stay and our fab dinner at Bogey’s! Get the chicken parm, our fave!


Alice’s Rocking Chair, don’t sit!!!


Olive Room, during Investigation.


Ye Old Conley Stagecoach lol




The Olive Room in the Conley Suite!

Hello everybody! Sorry for the delay, Dean has been packing to leave me all alone *cough* I mean, go away to school and I’ve started back up with voice lessons so things have been a little crazy. But despite our insane schedules we found some time to go out and do a little research on some places we thought were quite interesting.

The first of those places is the Comstock Covered Bridge in East Hampton, Connecticut. The bridge was built-in 1840 to allow passage across the Salmon River to places like Colchester and Middletown. It was also a popular hangout for young lovers and teenagers to hang out since most people did not travel at night. If you go inside the bridge you can see all sorts of initials and carvings that have been done over the years spanning from the 1800s right up to 2013. I guess some things never change 😉

Anyway, the story goes that this bridge was the meeting place of two young lovers whose names we don’t know but 10 bucks says it’s written on the walls somewhere….

The boy in the relationship continued to come meet the girl at the bridge until one night all he found was a note that said something along the lines of her not being interested in the relationship anymore. Typical. This boy supposedly came back to the bridge every night to leave letters for the uninterested girl until one night he hung himself in anguish. The legend goes that if you walk into the bridge you can hear the sad boy whisper “whyyyyyyyyy” in your ear.

The bridge is right next to Portland, Connecticut on an otherwise empty and dark road. I will warn any ghost seekers, the place is monitored by a security camera attached to the top of the bridge so come at your own risk it is plainly stated the park closes at sundown. When Dean and I went we conducted a short EVP session and did a EMF scan of the bridge in the hopes of picking up something but to no avail. We didn’t hear anything, or see anything out of the usual. Maybe the boy finally moved on, maybe not. But he definitely wasn’t there that night.

So do I think the Comstock Covered Bridge is haunted? ………. I think that there is a great difference between ghost stories and creepy Connecticut Myths and Legends…. and I think the Comstock might just be that. BUT WHO KNOWS! I would LOVE to be proven wrong!!

The second creepy place we visited recently was the Lamson Corner Cemetery in Burlington, Connecticut. This cemetery is reportedly the vacation home of Green Lady Cemetery’s “Green Lady” or “Elizabeth” who was drowned in a swamp near by to the cemetery while her husband watched. She is now seen as a green mist on the road leading to the Green Lady Cemetery on Upson Road AND apparently at this cemetery on Milford Street. The cemetery is also home to another ghost of a war veteran who appeared to a man on his visit to the cemetery. The young man, thinking those ghost was a real person called out to him and asked him the time. After the question was asked the ghost disappeared much to the young man’s surprise. Lights and orbs have also reportedly been seen inside the cemetery by motorists and people visiting.

The cemetery is located on a dark road deep in the woods of Burlington, Connecticut. It’s located on top of a small hill, which you have to walk up to get to the entrance. The cemetery looks old and slightly run down. The grass is not cut, and it does not look like it gets many visitors. My cousin and I made the journey last night in hopes of seeing the things people claim to see all the time. Upon entering the cemetery, we both felt fine. The cemetery is a small, comfortable place with a big tree in the middle and an old stone wall surrounded the property. We conducted various EVP sessions, but despite what I thought was slight movement behind one of the trees nothing happened to make me believe anything was there that night.

Am I saying these places aren’t haunted? No. All I am saying is we didn’t experience anything in the times that we went there! Investigating the paranormal is just like anything else in the world, unpredictable! Sometimes you win the lottery and some times you go empty-handed, and part of being a good investigator is being truthful in your experiences and accepting the evidence or lack of evidence that you got!

ON A BRIGHTER NOTE! We visited our bff the Green Lady on Upson Road and got an AMAZING EVP after both of us saw movement in the same corner of the cemetery! Upon me declaring the presence of an orb in one of my photos you hear the guttural growl of a man saying “yaaaaa”. My mother says it’s so creepy she can’t hear it again. Will have to find some way to share it with you!!!

IN CONCLUSION, let’s all wish Dean safe travels as he journeys his way to Wagner College on Staten Island to pursue his dream of being a Musical Theater performer. Bravo, Deano! You will be missed!

Dean as Edna in Hairspray

Dean as Edna in Hairspray

Information credit goes out to:

As the daughter of a UConn alum I have heard many horrible stories of “the jungle” and the success of the basketball teams that call the school home. The school is so popular you can even find Gino Auriemma spaghetti sauce in the Stew Leonard’s by my house. Everyone in Connecticut knows of, and loves their Huskies… but not many people know of UConn’s ghosts…

The school’s website describes its depot campus as home to the puppetry department (gah) and a “clean energy plant” that provides power to the campus. And yea, that’s all swell… but it’s depot campus’ past that I’m more interested in. (Sorry if anyone wanted to hear about the clean energy plant or the puppets).
The site started off as the Connecticut School for Imbeciles and then was later merged with the Colony of Epileptics in 1917 to become one of the largest institutions in the state. Then institution was changed again. Depot campus then became the Connecticut School for the Feebleminded. And after that, it was called Mansfield Training School.
The treatment of the people who resided there is considered unacceptable by modern-day standards. You have to understand that in that time period people with mental illness were seen as ‘broken’ human beings. It was considered disgraceful to have such an illness, and recovery was almost impossible in these types of situations. People spent their entire lives withering away in places like these. Our understanding of mental illness now is light years ahead of the information we had back then. People were experimented on, and treated quite poorly. Overcrowding was another major issue. The depression and World War Two brought budget cuts, leaving the hospital understaffed and dorms crammed full of patients. At it’s height, the hospital housed as many as 1,800 patients.
So it’s no wonder so many students report seeing ghostly apparitions in and around the now abandoned buildings. Kaitlynn and I made the trip from West Hartford on an extremely foggy and rainy night. It also didn’t help that my car sounded like it was about to explode… but we figured it just kinda added to the excitement. When we finally arrived and parked our car at a nearby car park we started making our way towards one of the buildings. The air was thick not only because of the horrible humidity we’ve been having, but because the energy around us had a palpable quality to it. It wasn’t long after that, that we began feeling uncomfortable. It started with a strange humming sound we heard in the nearby bushes. At first, we both dismissed it was an animal. But upon hearing it a second time it was obvious it had a distinctly human quality to it. It grew louder and louder until we finally decided to get off the main trail and continue waking through the damp grass. It was then that we came upon the second building where Kaitlynn had heard a growl a few nights before, accompanied by heavy breathing. We stayed there for a while asking for any type of sign and explaining that my emf detector could pick up energy. It seems we were talking to ourselves, because after about a half hour of no response we decided to move on. Later we listened to our evp session and let me tell you if I was a ghost I’d ignore us too… we sounded like nervous morons…

Kate asking questions.

Kate asking questions.

After walking a little bit we came upon the third building.


Almost immediately did we think we saw something walk past one of the windows. This sparked another moronic evp session of which that was particularly fruitful depending on your idea of success. After asking whomever was with us to “please give us a sign” it sounded as if something sprang out of the bushes and ran at us prompting Kate and I to run into the meadow where we then fell into a ditch (typical) and pulled every single muscle in our bodies. After pulling ourselves together, we made our way to another building that is the biggest building of all.


I can only describe the sensation we felt as ‘being herded’. It felt as if we were cornered, as if we were being corralled by something we couldn’t see. We became confused very easily, and found ourselves wandering aimlessly from one corner of campus to the next as if sealed in by some unseen energy. It’s a very tough thing to describe to you, but just think of a sheep dog as it corners its flock. When one tries to go astray it blocks its path, bringing it back to the flock. That’s how we felt, the parking lot was in sight but it felt as though we couldn’t get there…. We were the sheep….

Finally we got out of whatever hold something had on us and made our way to my car. It was then again we sensed something was not right. We stopped walking, and to our horror it sounded as if someone behind us had just stopped waking as well. The silence was deafening, it seemed to last hours. It was then that I counted to 3 and we ran like hell, said a prayer and took off towards well, Cumberland farms. There’s nothing like a milkshake after being pursued by the paranormal.


So would I say UConn’s depot campus is haunted? Yeah, I guess I would. There is something extremely odd going on there (one shuttle bus driver claimed to have seen a ghostly life size clown puppet walking around) that can’t just be explained away. Go check it out for yourselves. But be prepared.





Credit to: for a wonderful post on the history of the campus.
If you see something we missed in our photographs, please feel free to point out any spooky sightings!

On a completely unrelated note, the book I ordered came in. So excited to read “The Demonologist” the story of Ed and Lorraine Warren! Will let you know if it’s a good read, and if you’ve read it what do you think? There’s also a movie about them coming to theaters on July 19th! I know i’ll be there!

It was around 10:00pm when Dean, Kate and I decided to go explore the South Burial Ground in Kensington, Connecticut (about 20 mins away from where we live). The weather was cold, and damp (if you don’t live in Connecticut, the weather has been equivalent to a rainforest) …but the moon was FULL and bright…so we decided to go along with what every single ghost/vampire/werewolf story has ever taught us…. that full moons and all ghoulish, creepy things go completely hand in hand, duh!

First we got lost… but finally we arrived at the cemetery, tucked away on a quiet hillside behind a multitude of trees. We were feeling a bit anxious, but put aside our fears and decided to get out of the car and explore. We were unsure if it was a genuine instinctual reaction or merely the cemeteries story getting to our heads. The backstory to this place is that an angry old man (the gatekeeper) keeps watch over this cemetery. Your first time visiting he has been known to show himself to you as an apparition. The second time, he messes with your equipment and makes all sorts of things go haywire. Although we did not see him visually strange things began happening with our electronics the minute we got out of the car. First, Kate’s phone turned on all by itself. She has a samsung phone (one I have had before) and the only way to turn it on and off is to hold the power button down for a ridiculous amount of time. I’m not bitter at all, clearly. How it turned itself on? I don’t know. Is it paranormal? I don’t know. Is it weird? Absolutely. Now, right after this happened Dean’s camera suspiciously died. Once again, can we say it’s paranormal? No. But we can’t say it isn’t either.

After oggling at our electronics for about a minute we decided to set off and try to make contact with some of the spirits said to inhabit the cemetery. We decided to try to use a flashlight to try to make contact. People who are avid ghost hunters or watchers of ghost hunters know this experiment. You take a flashlight with a push or twist top and unscrew it enough so that a tiny amount of pressure will make the light turn on, but with enough resistance that it won’t turn on for no reason. We set the flashlight on a gravestone and began respectfully asking questions to the name mentioned on the marker. After Dean asked the name on the tombstone to “not be shy” the light turn on all by itself. We tried duplicating this many times, but we could not get the light to turn on again. 😦


It was then after this that Kate began feeling a presence near where she was standing. She described the feeling of dread as so strong that she felt threatened and backed into me, almost knocking me over. Kate is a very rational person, so I absolutely believe what she is saying. She described the sensation as feeling like something was running at her full force but she couldn’t see anything with her eyes.

After that while we were investigating a little more, we heard a coyote howl! It sound like a sound effect out of a movie. And to be completely honest, we ran for the car screaming. I’m sorry, but I am not about to deal with a coyote on a FULL MOON. If it even WAS a coyote. (WEREWOLF WEREWOLF WEREWOLF!!!!!!!!)



All in all, can we say the South Burial Ground is haunted? I would be comfortable saying that there is something peculiar going on there, and that I definitely wouldn’t mind a second visit.
After being scared away by werewolves *cough* I mean, coyotes… we decided to go see our good friend the Green Lady since the location was pretty close to where we already were. So we set our gps for Upson Road in Burlington and began our journey. Can I just say Kate is the worst navigator in the world. She will literally tell you to take an exit when the exit is a second away. Now, of course I say all this with copious amounts of adoration and love. So when we fiiiiiiiiiiiiiinaaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyy arrived on the road immediately I felt a horrible feeling of dread. The air was thick, my legs became numb and my ears would not stop popping. It also didn’t help that my windshield kept fogging up (I had the vent on) and I had to keep wiping it off with my hand while trying not to freak out driving down this horrible creepy road. Gah. Anyway, I kept turning to Kate and Dean in the car and saying “I don’t want to, I don’t want to”. I have been to this cemetery many times before and only one other time had I ever felt this much of a looming presence (we didn’t even get out of the car that time). The road is a relatively short road but tonight I could have sworn to you it was miles and miles long. It seemed like we were driving for hours. Horrible, long, agonizing hours before we finally reached the clearing that is Green Lady cemetery. At first, we didn’t stop. I was too scared to stop the car. I drove to the clearing at the end of the road, where I thought I saw a green light in the distance. It turned out there was a sign at the end of that road so we are unsure of what I may have actually seen. We decided to turn the car around and parked right outside the opening of the cemetery. Immediately, it felt as if the air was super charged with electricity. Every single noise, every single crackle of a leaf, seemed to be a million times louder than it should have been. The air had a palpable quality to it. Not muggy, but dense. And thats when I saw it. I turned my head and in back of my car, and for a split second was a white outline of a figure. Immediately following my sighting, we heard horribly loud footsteps coming toward us behind the car. It was then that fight or flight took over and I screamed “WE HAVE TO GO, NOW!” and we ran into the car and took off at like 50 miles per hour. I have never felt so unwanted in my whole life. I honestly felt like if we had stayed another minute something bad would have happened. And given my past experiences with GLC before, I decided to not take any chances.
It was only after conversing in the car that Kate told me a split second before I saw the white figure she had a seen a faint ball of light near the back of the car. Could this have been the same spirit I saw?

Green Lady Cemetery lies tucked away on an otherwise abandoned road in almost the middle of nowhere. I say almost, because down the road a couple miles there is a random seven-eleven. Apparently in Burlington the necessity of street lights is trumped by the necessity of slurpees. Anyway, the road is used for nothing more than a turn around or some sort of through-street to an old warehouse in the clearing on the other side. Honestly, chances are if you didn’t know there was a cemetery there beforehand you may drive right past it. If there ever was some sort of grand entrance-way, that’s long gone. The cemetery has been so vandalized that most of the graves are tiny nubs of stone sticking out of the ground. Cracked, mutilated and forgotten they stand on a lonely little hill behind a sad stone wall that is falling apart long forgotten as well. The myth however, has not been forgotten and is a popular spot for ghost hunters! Like us! The graveyard is supposedly haunted by a woman named Elizabeth, who drown in a nearby swamp and has now been spotted as a green mist in the middle of the road (hence the “green” lady). Her gravestone apparently is in the cemetery but the names on the gravestones are completely illegible because of age.

There are also reports of a spooky looking cabin somewhere near the cemetery, but in all my times going there I have yet to see this cabin. Unless they mean the cabin at the beginning of the road. But that doesn’t look creepy to me at all….and it’s fairly modern. Anyway, the myth of the cabin is that there is an eerie light emitting from one of the windows and a ghostly looking woman has been seen inside (supposedly Elizabeth, I guess). Once again, I cannot say that this cabin exists because i’ve never seen it….but I also can’t say that it doesn’t.

Although I have never seen the infamous “green mist”, green lady cemetery has delivered some frights that I have found hard to forget. In the summer of 2012 a group of friends (including Dean) and I got into our cars and journeyed to the old cemetery to see what all the fuss was about and to see if anything could possibly happen to us. We got there around 11pm, it was a warm summer night and all seemed pretty quiet. We got out of our cars and began to walk around the cemetery, silently hoping something would happen. After about an hour a member of our group became frustrated with the lack of activity and started asking the ghosts questions in a manner that I can only call “taunting”. (Now, Dean and I don’t really like to taunt ghosts. We feel as once human beings they should be treated in a respectful manner so we were a bit uncomfortable with this.)

After a little bit of this I began to feel uneasy and we decided we would go back to the cars and wait a little bit before going back into the cemetery. I was sitting in the front seat of my car when my friend asked me to join her in the back so that she could show me some of the pictures she had taken. I got up and out of the car and went and sat in the back seat leaving the car door open. Suddenly, the car door slammed on me… so hard that I was thrown into my friend. My friend was actually slightly annoyed until she realized I had been pushed.  The door then closed on me again sending me further into my friend and slamming the door completely shut in the process. It was then amidst our screaming that we noticed my rear view mirror had been turned completely sideways… which was impossible since no one had been in the front seat to turn it. Our other friends upon hearing our commotion immediately from their car began asking what was wrong to us replying “we are getting OUT of here!”.I would just like to point out that the angle the car was on the hill would have made the door harder for it to close on it’s own. We were facing downhill, the nose of the car pointing downwards. The car door had to have been physically pushed closed by something and with FORCE, especially because it happened a SECOND time! The first time closed on my leg so it wasn’t able to fully close. But that’s not all! While in my drivers seat talking to our friends in the other car, both my friend and I heard a blood-curdling scream from somewhere in the woods. Now, this is a pretty wooded area….on a road that doesn’t have many houses or lights for that matter…it ALMOST looks like a highway. The scream we heard was definitely a woman, screaming at the top of her lungs. At that point we took that as a cue to leave and get out of there fearing we had frustrated the ghosts with our friend’s taunting. Could the screaming have been Elizabeth meeting her fate in the nearby swamp? Who knows.


Strange lights in the woods, green lady cemetery.


Orb of light by tree, green lady cemetery.


Stone wall entrance, green lady cemetery.


Strange lights in the woods, green lady cemetery.

So do I think green lady of Burlington, Ct is haunted? I believe something out of this world is going on there and we have a lot yet to discover about Elizabeth and her ghostly companions down on that silent, spooky, abandoned road in “almost the middle of nowhere”.