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Ghostly Side-Eye

Posted: August 6, 2014 by linktay in Interesting Myths
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I’m sure all of us have heard a story of someone seeing something spooky out of the corner of their eye, but when they turned to look it was gone. I myself have experienced this phenomenon more times than I can possibly try to count. And I will say with complete honesty that these have been experiences with fluctuating certainty and validity. There are times when I’ve seen something in my peripheral that I sensed with every atom of my being, other times I’m certain it may have just been my imagination.

But why are “full-frontal” ghost sightings so rare? (Get your mind out of the gutter, you know what I mean!)

Well, it turns out that the key to figuring that out may lie in unearthing a few details on just how our eyes work in low light situations. We have two types of receptor cells in the back of our eyes called rods and cones. Central vision, used for seeing something with great detail, uses the cones; peripheral vision uses the rods. The differences between these cells give us different capabilities within our eyesight as a whole; and for viewing ghosts and spirits. When trying to see in low- light conditions (aka 2am in an old Connecticut cemetery) , it is well known that our central vision is weak (because of it’s dependence upon bright light, how needy ew) while our peripheral vision is much stronger in this situation. The rods in our eyes, used in peripheral vision operate a lot more efficiently during low-light conditions than the cones do; this allows the eye to detect light that is a “billion times dimmer than bright sunlight!”*

Our peripheral vision is also notoriously better at detecting motion. So that could explain why it seems the tiniest bits of movement seem to trigger the “there’s a ghost in my house” reaction.

But what do you think? Can we trust our peripheral vision though it may not be as clear as our central vision? Does its many useful attributes make up for the details it lacks, or can it not be trusted as a whole?

Wait…. What was that…. Was that a ghost?

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When the words “time travel” come to mind, what is the first thing you think of? Endless possibilities? Ancient Rome? Or does a more skeptical thought cross your mind. Maybe you find yourself doubting it could happen at all, and if so you should probably never watch Doctor Who. You wouldn’t like it. Stay away.

But despite your opinions on the matter, I would like to share a video with you. Here is a clip from Charlie Chaplin’s film The Circus. The movie came out in 1928 and was written and directed by Charlie Chaplin and Joseph Plunkett. As you watch the flip, take special notice of the woman with her hand up next to her ear. What is that she’s talking into, is that a cell phone. It couldn’t be… could it? And that’s just it. COULD it. What in the world could that woman be talking into, in 1928. Hearing aids certainly weren’t that big… did they even exist? Certainly, there were no mobile telephones… and CERTAINLY no telephones that were small and handheld. What in the world could it be?
COULD it be possible a time traveller was caught unexpectedly on film? Certainly, she wouldn’t have to worry about being exposed then since no one knew what she was using. But now we have advanced enough for us to recognize the device, and people are becoming suspicious. C’mon lady, even Captain Jack Harkness did a better job blending in!

What do you think? What are your views on the subject? And mostly, what does this mean about our concept of time?

Currituck Beach Lighthouse, Corolla, NC

Currituck Beach Lighthouse, Corolla, NC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The outer banks of North Carolina have their fair share of spooky folklore including the mysteries surrounding the Currituck Heritage Park and Whalehead club. The park is sprawling and beautiful, with a gorgeous yellow mansion at the very center of all the commotion.

The Currituck Lighthouse in the distance.

The Currituck Lighthouse in the distance.

Upon reading about the mysteries surrounding the park I read that the lost souls of shipwrecked sailors are said to wander the park at dusk. Which was about when I took this interesting photograph. This photograph was taken about 4 years ago and to me, it still doesn’t look like any type of bug or flare of the lens. I have never seen an orb so solid and distinct. But what do you think?

Despite whatever it may be, the photograph is pretty awesome. I always say I take the best photos in the Outer banks… it’s just so easy to get a good shot!


But remember the first photograph? The lighthouse in that picture is actually one of the most haunted spots in all of North Carolina. The North Room of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse is said to have a very strong presence of two women believed to be that of the Light-keeper’s wife (who died of tuberculosis) and their daughter Sadie who was taken out to sea by a very powerful riptide. It was not until the next day that her little body washed ashore and was found by a couple of fishermen.

But after the light-keeper’s wife died of tuberculosis every single piece of article and cloth that she owned was forced into a barrel and sealed and left in the North Room of the light house (which could explain why her presence is felt there by people with psychic abilities). Children of the village were told to “never touch that barrel!”. But of course being children, they broke into the room and thrust the barrel open and began playing dress up in her clothes. When their parents discovered the morbid game of dress up the clothes were boxed up and burned.

Besides being incredibly haunted, the banks are great for family fun! Especially if you enjoy wild horses coming out of nowhere and stealing your floaties during your “relaxing” nap hehe! (TRUE STORY) Psshhhh……

(The story of Sadie and the Light-keeper’s wife comes from Ghosts From the Coast by Nancy Roberts!)

English: U.S. Coast Guard Archive Photo of Cur...

English: U.S. Coast Guard Archive Photo of Currituck Beach Lighthouse, Outer Banks, North Carolina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grave on the oldest side of the cemetery.




White Lady Cemetery or Union Cemetery is ranked among the top ten most haunted places in the entire country. It even has it’s own Wikipedia page and to me, once you have your own Wikipedia page you’re pretty much a big deal. The cemetery is deep within the woodsy town of Easton, Connecticut located near Stepney Road which supposedly has it’s own haunted cemetery that I have never been to (if any one has checked it out feel free to tell us about it!). The road has no streets lights which gives it an ominous and eerie feeling. The cemetery is surrounded by a cast iron gate that goes all around the property and is littered with “no trespassing after dark signs” so anybody who wants to do a proper investigation should know you could get fined for being in there after dark and the cops DO come around regularly… which leads me to my next question. Does anybody know if this cemetery is owned by the baptist church (pictured) or is it town or private property? And who could we possibly get in contact with to do an investigation?

Anyway, the cemetery is supposedly haunted by the “white lady” who has been seen by many people! Many people have taken her picture including world renowned demonologist Ed Warren and his wife Lorraine a gifted medium (who have come out and testified to the place being haunted). The white lady is described as to having long dark hair, and wearing what looks like a long white nightgown and bonnet. She is said to haunt Route 59 and 111 and there are even reports of vehicles hitting the spooky specter! There is a myth that in 1993, an off-duty fireman in the area hit the ghost and she left a dent in his car! Imagine explaining that one to Pep Boys….

She is also said to haunt the nearby Stepney Cemetery, going back and forth between locations.

Another character that is said to reside in the cemetery is “Red Eyes”. The story goes that a young man walking by the cemetery at night saw a pair of ghoulish red eyes peering at him from the brush. He turned and ran and heard footsteps following behind him! The myth goes that this could be the ghost of Earle Kellog a man who was set fire, and burned to death across the street in 1939 or the victim of a drunk driving accident close to the area who apparently provided his name and a couple choice words to boys looking to pick up EVP’s at the cemetery.

Unfortunately…the day we journeyed to White Lady Cemetery known formally as Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut our trip was cut extremely short by an out of place snow storm (I believe these were taken in April) and fearing for the well being of all of us (and my honda civic) we decided to make the hour long trek home without having done an investigation. Here are the photos of our expedition, so that the trip will have been for if nothing but your viewing pleasure (assuming the blog has people who actually view  it….debatable).

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  • Cover of "Weird New England"

    Cover of Weird New England

    There is also a GREAT little page in Weird New England (One of my favorite books) about The White Lady Cemetery along with lots of other interesting places to read about! Great buy! Check it out : )

  • ALSO! The Warrens wrote a book about this cemetery called Graveyard, someone should read it and let us know how it is!!