Who are we? How it all began….

Hello potential audience/paranormal enthusiasts! My name is Taylor and I am one half of the dynamic duo that runs this blog. I am not a professional ghost hunter or a psychic or anything of the sort, I just am somebody who is interested in finding out more about the paranormal!

Right now I am a sophomore (soon to be junior) in a music conservatory in Connecticut. I like to believe that as a musician (I am an opera singer) that my love of music has really opened my heart up to the things we can’t always see. What do I mean? Well, just like ghosts and spirits you can’t (always) see music. Music is something that unless you are the one playing it is a totally “blind” experience, you have to open up your mind and heart and listen to what the music is saying. It is only then that you can truly listen to what it is saying. And to me, that sounds a lot like spirituality and how I feel about paranormal investigating! You have to open up your mind and heart to what maybe isn’t always obvious! To truly listen sometimes, is a very soulful experience!

My friend Dean is a high school senior who will be attending a very prestigious musical theater program in the fall. I believe he feels the same way about music and the paranormal and is one of the most insightful people I know when it comes to the two subjects!

We are just two people who have heard enough, felt enough and seen enough to the point where we can’t just go back to living like nothing happened. But we assure you, despite our extraordinary experiences we are actually quite ordinary people… well, besides Dean’s obsession with Phantom of the Opera (my obsession is Titanic *swoon*).

Anyway, we hope you enjoy our blog!



  1. scarletboy51 says:

    so my name is Dean and my friend’s name is Taylor. Together we are trying to uncover the truth about the paranormal. With this blog we will post videos, comments, pictures, and experiences about the Paranormal, as we uncover the greatest question of all time!

  2. Hey, What a fascinating blog you have.Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog and the follow, hope you liked what you saw. Looking forward to seeing more from you, 🙂

  3. Patrick says:

    Cool! I went to the Conservatory at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. We have more than one nerdly thing in common. 🙂

  4. jessica says:

    Green lady cemetery did have a cabin behind the cemetery itself. It was torn down in 1996. I know this because I was born n raised in ct. I’m now 35yrs old. Also on other side of lake was a run down camp were a bunch of kids where murdered. Kinda looks like camp crystal lake. As far as the cabin it was in very bad shape w no door or windows

  5. James Mason says:

    In Deep River, CT, USA:

    Vegetation Displacement by Human Choices in Another Timeline: http://timetravelwish.com

    I may grant an interview if interested. – James

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