Time Travel, is it possible?

Posted: March 30, 2014 by linktay in Interesting Myths
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When the words “time travel” come to mind, what is the first thing you think of? Endless possibilities? Ancient Rome? Or does a more skeptical thought cross your mind. Maybe you find yourself doubting it could happen at all, and if so you should probably never watch Doctor Who. You wouldn’t like it. Stay away.

But despite your opinions on the matter, I would like to share a video with you. Here is a clip from Charlie Chaplin’s film The Circus. The movie came out in 1928 and was written and directed by Charlie Chaplin and Joseph Plunkett. As you watch the flip, take special notice of the woman with her hand up next to her ear. What is that she’s talking into, is that a cell phone. It couldn’t be… could it? And that’s just it. COULD it. What in the world could that woman be talking into, in 1928. Hearing aids certainly weren’t that big… did they even exist? Certainly, there were no mobile telephones… and CERTAINLY no telephones that were small and handheld. What in the world could it be?
COULD it be possible a time traveller was caught unexpectedly on film? Certainly, she wouldn’t have to worry about being exposed then since no one knew what she was using. But now we have advanced enough for us to recognize the device, and people are becoming suspicious. C’mon lady, even Captain Jack Harkness did a better job blending in!

What do you think? What are your views on the subject? And mostly, what does this mean about our concept of time?

  1. Project eXa says:

    It is entirely possible and highly probable travelers have been captured on film. However I do not think this instance is one of them. One of the first things you’ll understand about time travel is the usefulness of future technology. I could take smartphone from now into the past, but as there would be no cellular towers, it would receive no signal–limiting its usefulness and casting doubt as to what was going on in the video.

    That being said, it doesn’t mean it wouldn’t have its usefulness. Its one of the many ways time travelers play historical gods…which preserves history instead of explaining about paradoxes to those incapable of doing anything about it.

    • linktay says:

      Thank you for your comment ! My dad and I have discussed the points you made! I definitely believe it’s possible. We thought maybe the phone was a 2 way device, talking to a partner or haha… Ship… Homebase… Using satellite located in the same time stream. All just ideas of course! Not saying I think it’s right! Just fun thoughts! Thanks for your comment !!

      • Project eXa says:

        A scenario such as that is highly likely, but would be highly damaging to causality if proper cleanup were not done. Walkie talkies would be the most simple of useful technology (if distances were small)…but if you were able to bring a satellite (3 would be ideal for gps and connectivity reasons) you would indeed be able to utilize technology to its maximum. I have never done such a feat…the most I’ve brought back was a quantum computer and even then nobody knew what it was because it looks like strange tattoos on me…I haven’t dabbled with other tech because I don’t want to risk it being discovered.

        I’m curious, what types of adventures would you have?

      • linktay says:

        Oh! Well, I’m very interested in the titanic… I’d really just like to see it. Obviously, I wouldn’t like to be on it but to see it somewhere besides on a sea floor would be incredible. I’d want to go back to Venice, to when opera was created. And to Milan to see the premier of my favorite operas. Then to the arena di Verona…. Mostly, my trips would revolve around the premieres of great works. Like handel’s Messiah, to hear the first hallelujah chorus. Or beethoven’s 9th… Or the 3rd symphony….
        I’d love to hear Maria Callas sing…

        I haven’t given it much thought actually

      • Project eXa says:

        No that’s perfect and possible! That’s how you can truly minimize your impact while seeing all of history. Many of my travels have been to great periods in human developments. My favorite of which was Mesopotamia. There have been interactions, you simply can not avoid it…but you can minimize it

      • linktay says:

        That sounds incredible, you’re very lucky for being able to experience those things! The rest of us just dream about haha.

      • Project eXa says:

        They may not always be dreams, it’s very hard to distinguish between the two if you have done it before…the present you dreams of future you’s past adventures, or childhood dreams resurface as relevant to present day circumstances. Its a side effect of Chronosthesia, which many people experience to a degree that can be improved upon

      • linktay says:

        What is chronothesia? (I may have spelled that wrong I can’t see your post on my phone).

  2. Where did your A Letter To My Teachers go? That was beautiful.

  3. emily luvs ghosts says:

    i rlly want to see a ghost bc i luv them
    im emo
    i want to go to the underworl with them!!!!

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