Lamson Corner Cemetery, Comstock Covered Bridge

Posted: August 17, 2013 by linktay in Investigations
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Hello everybody! Sorry for the delay, Dean has been packing to leave me all alone *cough* I mean, go away to school and I’ve started back up with voice lessons so things have been a little crazy. But despite our insane schedules we found some time to go out and do a little research on some places we thought were quite interesting.

The first of those places is the Comstock Covered Bridge in East Hampton, Connecticut. The bridge was built-in 1840 to allow passage across the Salmon River to places like Colchester and Middletown. It was also a popular hangout for young lovers and teenagers to hang out since most people did not travel at night. If you go inside the bridge you can see all sorts of initials and carvings that have been done over the years spanning from the 1800s right up to 2013. I guess some things never change 😉

Anyway, the story goes that this bridge was the meeting place of two young lovers whose names we don’t know but 10 bucks says it’s written on the walls somewhere….

The boy in the relationship continued to come meet the girl at the bridge until one night all he found was a note that said something along the lines of her not being interested in the relationship anymore. Typical. This boy supposedly came back to the bridge every night to leave letters for the uninterested girl until one night he hung himself in anguish. The legend goes that if you walk into the bridge you can hear the sad boy whisper “whyyyyyyyyy” in your ear.

The bridge is right next to Portland, Connecticut on an otherwise empty and dark road. I will warn any ghost seekers, the place is monitored by a security camera attached to the top of the bridge so come at your own risk it is plainly stated the park closes at sundown. When Dean and I went we conducted a short EVP session and did a EMF scan of the bridge in the hopes of picking up something but to no avail. We didn’t hear anything, or see anything out of the usual. Maybe the boy finally moved on, maybe not. But he definitely wasn’t there that night.

So do I think the Comstock Covered Bridge is haunted? ………. I think that there is a great difference between ghost stories and creepy Connecticut Myths and Legends…. and I think the Comstock might just be that. BUT WHO KNOWS! I would LOVE to be proven wrong!!

The second creepy place we visited recently was the Lamson Corner Cemetery in Burlington, Connecticut. This cemetery is reportedly the vacation home of Green Lady Cemetery’s “Green Lady” or “Elizabeth” who was drowned in a swamp near by to the cemetery while her husband watched. She is now seen as a green mist on the road leading to the Green Lady Cemetery on Upson Road AND apparently at this cemetery on Milford Street. The cemetery is also home to another ghost of a war veteran who appeared to a man on his visit to the cemetery. The young man, thinking those ghost was a real person called out to him and asked him the time. After the question was asked the ghost disappeared much to the young man’s surprise. Lights and orbs have also reportedly been seen inside the cemetery by motorists and people visiting.

The cemetery is located on a dark road deep in the woods of Burlington, Connecticut. It’s located on top of a small hill, which you have to walk up to get to the entrance. The cemetery looks old and slightly run down. The grass is not cut, and it does not look like it gets many visitors. My cousin and I made the journey last night in hopes of seeing the things people claim to see all the time. Upon entering the cemetery, we both felt fine. The cemetery is a small, comfortable place with a big tree in the middle and an old stone wall surrounded the property. We conducted various EVP sessions, but despite what I thought was slight movement behind one of the trees nothing happened to make me believe anything was there that night.

Am I saying these places aren’t haunted? No. All I am saying is we didn’t experience anything in the times that we went there! Investigating the paranormal is just like anything else in the world, unpredictable! Sometimes you win the lottery and some times you go empty-handed, and part of being a good investigator is being truthful in your experiences and accepting the evidence or lack of evidence that you got!

ON A BRIGHTER NOTE! We visited our bff the Green Lady on Upson Road and got an AMAZING EVP after both of us saw movement in the same corner of the cemetery! Upon me declaring the presence of an orb in one of my photos you hear the guttural growl of a man saying “yaaaaa”. My mother says it’s so creepy she can’t hear it again. Will have to find some way to share it with you!!!

IN CONCLUSION, let’s all wish Dean safe travels as he journeys his way to Wagner College on Staten Island to pursue his dream of being a Musical Theater performer. Bravo, Deano! You will be missed!

Dean as Edna in Hairspray

Dean as Edna in Hairspray

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  1. emily luvs ghosts says:

    y is there a smiley face at the bottom of the page???????

  2. Ashtyn says:

    this doesn’t prove anything!!

    • linktay says:

      This is a blog and not sound scientific research. It’s a first hand account of events that happened and if it doesn’t prove anything – then maybe at that particular place there was nothing to prove.

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