South Burial Ground, Kensington CT and Green Lady 2.0

Posted: May 26, 2013 by linktay in Investigations
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It was around 10:00pm when Dean, Kate and I decided to go explore the South Burial Ground in Kensington, Connecticut (about 20 mins away from where we live). The weather was cold, and damp (if you don’t live in Connecticut, the weather has been equivalent to a rainforest) …but the moon was FULL and bright…so we decided to go along with what every single ghost/vampire/werewolf story has ever taught us…. that full moons and all ghoulish, creepy things go completely hand in hand, duh!

First we got lost… but finally we arrived at the cemetery, tucked away on a quiet hillside behind a multitude of trees. We were feeling a bit anxious, but put aside our fears and decided to get out of the car and explore. We were unsure if it was a genuine instinctual reaction or merely the cemeteries story getting to our heads. The backstory to this place is that an angry old man (the gatekeeper) keeps watch over this cemetery. Your first time visiting he has been known to show himself to you as an apparition. The second time, he messes with your equipment and makes all sorts of things go haywire. Although we did not see him visually strange things began happening with our electronics the minute we got out of the car. First, Kate’s phone turned on all by itself. She has a samsung phone (one I have had before) and the only way to turn it on and off is to hold the power button down for a ridiculous amount of time. I’m not bitter at all, clearly. How it turned itself on? I don’t know. Is it paranormal? I don’t know. Is it weird? Absolutely. Now, right after this happened Dean’s camera suspiciously died. Once again, can we say it’s paranormal? No. But we can’t say it isn’t either.

After oggling at our electronics for about a minute we decided to set off and try to make contact with some of the spirits said to inhabit the cemetery. We decided to try to use a flashlight to try to make contact. People who are avid ghost hunters or watchers of ghost hunters know this experiment. You take a flashlight with a push or twist top and unscrew it enough so that a tiny amount of pressure will make the light turn on, but with enough resistance that it won’t turn on for no reason. We set the flashlight on a gravestone and began respectfully asking questions to the name mentioned on the marker. After Dean asked the name on the tombstone to “not be shy” the light turn on all by itself. We tried duplicating this many times, but we could not get the light to turn on again. 😦


It was then after this that Kate began feeling a presence near where she was standing. She described the feeling of dread as so strong that she felt threatened and backed into me, almost knocking me over. Kate is a very rational person, so I absolutely believe what she is saying. She described the sensation as feeling like something was running at her full force but she couldn’t see anything with her eyes.

After that while we were investigating a little more, we heard a coyote howl! It sound like a sound effect out of a movie. And to be completely honest, we ran for the car screaming. I’m sorry, but I am not about to deal with a coyote on a FULL MOON. If it even WAS a coyote. (WEREWOLF WEREWOLF WEREWOLF!!!!!!!!)



All in all, can we say the South Burial Ground is haunted? I would be comfortable saying that there is something peculiar going on there, and that I definitely wouldn’t mind a second visit.
After being scared away by werewolves *cough* I mean, coyotes… we decided to go see our good friend the Green Lady since the location was pretty close to where we already were. So we set our gps for Upson Road in Burlington and began our journey. Can I just say Kate is the worst navigator in the world. She will literally tell you to take an exit when the exit is a second away. Now, of course I say all this with copious amounts of adoration and love. So when we fiiiiiiiiiiiiiinaaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyy arrived on the road immediately I felt a horrible feeling of dread. The air was thick, my legs became numb and my ears would not stop popping. It also didn’t help that my windshield kept fogging up (I had the vent on) and I had to keep wiping it off with my hand while trying not to freak out driving down this horrible creepy road. Gah. Anyway, I kept turning to Kate and Dean in the car and saying “I don’t want to, I don’t want to”. I have been to this cemetery many times before and only one other time had I ever felt this much of a looming presence (we didn’t even get out of the car that time). The road is a relatively short road but tonight I could have sworn to you it was miles and miles long. It seemed like we were driving for hours. Horrible, long, agonizing hours before we finally reached the clearing that is Green Lady cemetery. At first, we didn’t stop. I was too scared to stop the car. I drove to the clearing at the end of the road, where I thought I saw a green light in the distance. It turned out there was a sign at the end of that road so we are unsure of what I may have actually seen. We decided to turn the car around and parked right outside the opening of the cemetery. Immediately, it felt as if the air was super charged with electricity. Every single noise, every single crackle of a leaf, seemed to be a million times louder than it should have been. The air had a palpable quality to it. Not muggy, but dense. And thats when I saw it. I turned my head and in back of my car, and for a split second was a white outline of a figure. Immediately following my sighting, we heard horribly loud footsteps coming toward us behind the car. It was then that fight or flight took over and I screamed “WE HAVE TO GO, NOW!” and we ran into the car and took off at like 50 miles per hour. I have never felt so unwanted in my whole life. I honestly felt like if we had stayed another minute something bad would have happened. And given my past experiences with GLC before, I decided to not take any chances.
It was only after conversing in the car that Kate told me a split second before I saw the white figure she had a seen a faint ball of light near the back of the car. Could this have been the same spirit I saw?
  1. Mike Slifer says:

    I would love to go with you sometime!

  2. Are those orbs that I see in some of the photos?

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  4. Excellent recounting of your adventure – really fun to read.

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