White Lady Cemetery, Easton Ct (photos by Taylor)

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Grave on the oldest side of the cemetery.




White Lady Cemetery or Union Cemetery is ranked among the top ten most haunted places in the entire country. It even has it’s own Wikipedia page and to me, once you have your own Wikipedia page you’re pretty much a big deal. The cemetery is deep within the woodsy town of Easton, Connecticut located near Stepney Road which supposedly has it’s own haunted cemetery that I have never been to (if any one has checked it out feel free to tell us about it!). The road has no streets lights which gives it an ominous and eerie feeling. The cemetery is surrounded by a cast iron gate that goes all around the property and is littered with “no trespassing after dark signs” so anybody who wants to do a proper investigation should know you could get fined for being in there after dark and the cops DO come around regularly… which leads me to my next question. Does anybody know if this cemetery is owned by the baptist church (pictured) or is it town or private property? And who could we possibly get in contact with to do an investigation?

Anyway, the cemetery is supposedly haunted by the “white lady” who has been seen by many people! Many people have taken her picture including world renowned demonologist Ed Warren and his wife Lorraine a gifted medium (who have come out and testified to the place being haunted). The white lady is described as to having long dark hair, and wearing what looks like a long white nightgown and bonnet. She is said to haunt Route 59 and 111 and there are even reports of vehicles hitting the spooky specter! There is a myth that in 1993, an off-duty fireman in the area hit the ghost and she left a dent in his car! Imagine explaining that one to Pep Boys….

She is also said to haunt the nearby Stepney Cemetery, going back and forth between locations.

Another character that is said to reside in the cemetery is “Red Eyes”. The story goes that a young man walking by the cemetery at night saw a pair of ghoulish red eyes peering at him from the brush. He turned and ran and heard footsteps following behind him! The myth goes that this could be the ghost of Earle Kellog a man who was set fire, and burned to death across the street in 1939 or the victim of a drunk driving accident close to the area who apparently provided his name and a couple choice words to boys looking to pick up EVP’s at the cemetery.

Unfortunately…the day we journeyed to White Lady Cemetery known formally as Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut our trip was cut extremely short by an out of place snow storm (I believe these were taken in April) and fearing for the well being of all of us (and my honda civic) we decided to make the hour long trek home without having done an investigation. Here are the photos of our expedition, so that the trip will have been for if nothing but your viewing pleasure (assuming the blog has people who actually view  it….debatable).

Information provided by:

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  • Cover of "Weird New England"

    Cover of Weird New England

    There is also a GREAT little page in Weird New England (One of my favorite books) about The White Lady Cemetery along with lots of other interesting places to read about! Great buy! Check it out : )

  • ALSO! The Warrens wrote a book about this cemetery called Graveyard, someone should read it and let us know how it is!!
  1. very interesting info ! .

  2. The cemetery stones look ancient…what year do they date back to?

  3. whoops…that should have been “intact”

  4. Francois says:

    Myself and three other friends saw the red eyed figure, a tall, lean, inky black male shape and for real red eyes. It was only about 25 to 30 feet away on a moonlit night, hence we saw It’s shape. It was standing in the middle of the dirt road that is about a 100 feet down the right fork, on the right side running almost parallel to route 57. My best friend use to live in the old white farmhouse with a barn to the left of it, to the right if the church. And whenever you’re outside at night, it does feel like someone is watching you from the woods. Never saw the lady in white, but those eyes are at about five or six feet off the ground and there is an apparition with them. When those eyes started getting closer, and the wind, the creaking canopies and the night sounds of animals all stopped cold. We all ran as fast as possible back to our cars, and there were at least twenty orbs in the photos my friend John took of us. The weird thing about the pictures is that the orbs all tend to be at average human height, except for several pictures where a smaller bluish orb was at knee height next to 3 or 4 us in the cemetery. We’re all good Christian boys, and said our prayers when we walked onto the hallowed ground, but down that dirt path, near the abandoned house, stay away. And adjacent to the old ramshackle house is where the lady in white is said to be seen coming from. I feel that the abandoned house has something to do with what’s going on. I don’t know if It’s still there, or if it was knocked down, but that seems to be the source of a lot of activity.

  5. Niomie says:

    I have seen her ghost before

  6. jason says:

    I use to work for a small construction company out of Fairfield ct. well, we were working on one of the houses that is on church rd. that’s the road that forms the rear of the triangle that surrounds the cemetery. it was a summer day and there were 3 of us working inside this house. it was a bank repossession house and we were replacing the floor and some sheetrock etc. the guy who was my boss at the time (gary) had to leave for the lumber yard to pick up some additional material to complete the work. me and the other worker (mark) as usual took a short break as soon as gary left and drove out of the driveway. the driveway was a heavy gravel driveway in which you could clearly hear any cars coming in or out of at any time. the driveway was also at least 150 or so feet long. well when gary left me and mark were in the basement when we took our break. all of a sudden we heard someone walking upstairs on the wood floor as clear as a bell. we when upstairs to see who was there. there was nobody in the house. no cars had come down the driveway or anything like that. we went back down stairs into the basement. no sooner did we get back down the stairs and the footsteps began again. without question someone or something was in that house with us. scariest thing I ever experienced! needless to say we left the house that day.

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