Salem, Massachusetts

Posted: May 20, 2013 by linktay in Ghostly Adventures
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In the October of 2012 a group of friends and I decided it would be a fun idea to go check out what Salem, MA had to offer (Dean was supposed to go, but he couldn’t come because of a musical he was in). I had been when I was younger, but I was interested in investigating more thoroughly what the creepy little town had to offer. We immediately signed up for the ghost tour, hoping that if anything it could at least show us salem’s top haunted locations.

The tour in itself is pretty corny, but fun nonetheless. We went on spellbound tours, run by a shop in the center of town. The owner is very nice, and was able to get us in at pretty much the last minute. You meet outside the visitors center and are greeted by a man in a top hat next to a small man in a wizard costume who apparently was our security guard. As you can probably guess, we felt super safe. The tour sets off and you are brought all around town and finally end up near a parking lot that was said to have been the gallows at one time. It is haunted by a grumpy ghost named Giles Corey who was accused of witchcraft alongside his wife Martha Corey.

Digitally restored version of Commons file Fil...

Digitally restored version of Commons file File:Giles Corey.jpg: Old drawing of the death of Giles Corey (Sept. 19, 1692) by being pressed with heavy stones for failing to enter a plea to the charge of being a witch during the Salem Witch Trials. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He refused to confess and was therefore pressed to death. Apparently, any time somebody has seen him in that parking lot something terrible has happened to the town of Salem and it’s inhabitants. So as much as I love ghosts I am glad we didn’t spot him. Massachusetts needs a break *sigh*.

However, we did get some interesting photos.


Another interesting photo was one I took in the cemetery while passing through at the beginning of the tour.

I have no idea why the cropped version will not post on here, but if you look at the tree on the right side of the picture you will see a pretty solid ball of white light right in front of it. That is the old Salem cemetery, it is right next to the memorial of those who died in the Salem Witch Trials.
Another fun thing we did on our trip to salem was we got to eat inside a prison! Now being the daughter of a department of corrections employee that normally would not appeal to me. But this prison is nice, and delicious too! The Great Escape is a restaurant within the newly renovated old Salem jail! Which used to be a spot on the ghost tour given it’s amazing amounts of activity. Now that the prison is a restaurant you can get a chance to go inside, eat your food, and silently hope the ghosts are there to keep you company. We didn’t see anything at the great escape besides great food and excellent waitstaff. I definitely recommend a trip, the coolness of the building is worth the trip by itself!
Also, in case you were wondering…. here is our wizard/security guard, Roger or something.
  1. It’s on my bucket list to visit Salem. I’ve heard that there are some very good mediums in the area.

    • linktay says:

      Salem is a wonderful little town. It has an energy about it that is very distinct! I would recommend at trip highly. If you go off-season aka (November-August) a lot of tour groups are willing to arrange private investigations within haunted locations for you. I have not yet done this since music school often dictates I remain at school on the weekends, but I bet it would be very interesting! And if Salem is on your bucket list that sounds like a great way to have a personal experience.

  2. Thanks for the tip. I have been on paranormal investigations in other cities and got wonderful results. Will definitely keep Salem in mind!

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