Omni Parker House, Boston, Mass.

Posted: May 20, 2013 by marinodeano in Ghostly Adventures
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In the middle of the loud and fast paced city of Boston, there is a quaint little hotel that is known as the Omni Parker House, with an old fashioned lobby and four elevators that lead to over ten floors. These elevators are small, claustrophobic, and just enough room for several people and a few luggage bags.

My experience at this hotel was different than the graveyard or the Mark Twain House. I had been on the road looking at colleges for Musical Theatre, and my family and I decided to say at this specific hotel for the night. My mom saw that it was haunted, so she thought that this could be a neat little opportunity for me and my interest in the paranormal.

As we entered the hotel we had talked to the manager, and my mom had asked for the most haunted floor. My sister was freaking out, because she wants no part of the supernatural (and yes, she believes in it). She was almost in tears because she did not want to stay on floor ten (which was the most haunted floor of the house).

There were many legends to the hotel, but unfortunately I had no encounter with the supernatural that night. I didn’t hear any talking or I didn’t see any shadow figures wondering the halls. However, something extremely odd did happen.

Later that night, I had gone out on my own to take pictures of the hotel lobby, and the floors that were deserted. Every single picture I took… there was one orb in it. I found this to be an odd coincidence, and I couldn’t leave it alone. I was extremely curious to find more information about the hotel.

While speaking to the Manager, he gave me several different stories about his encounters and also mentioned Ghost Hunters and how they actually came to investigate. I don’t have my pictures at the moment (they will be posted later on), but I will say that this hotel is actually beautiful. The service is great and the staff is wonderful. You should go stay a night in the hotel, and investigate for yourself. Also, ask the main desk for a room on the infamous TENTH FLOOR.

The Main Lobby of the Hotel. Beautiful right?

The Main Lobby of the Hotel. Beautiful right?

The Hallway for one of the many floors.

The Hallway for one of the many floors.


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