Green Lady Cemetery, Burlington Connecticut

Posted: May 20, 2013 by linktay in Investigations
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Green Lady Cemetery lies tucked away on an otherwise abandoned road in almost the middle of nowhere. I say almost, because down the road a couple miles there is a random seven-eleven. Apparently in Burlington the necessity of street lights is trumped by the necessity of slurpees. Anyway, the road is used for nothing more than a turn around or some sort of through-street to an old warehouse in the clearing on the other side. Honestly, chances are if you didn’t know there was a cemetery there beforehand you may drive right past it. If there ever was some sort of grand entrance-way, that’s long gone. The cemetery has been so vandalized that most of the graves are tiny nubs of stone sticking out of the ground. Cracked, mutilated and forgotten they stand on a lonely little hill behind a sad stone wall that is falling apart long forgotten as well. The myth however, has not been forgotten and is a popular spot for ghost hunters! Like us! The graveyard is supposedly haunted by a woman named Elizabeth, who drown in a nearby swamp and has now been spotted as a green mist in the middle of the road (hence the “green” lady). Her gravestone apparently is in the cemetery but the names on the gravestones are completely illegible because of age.

There are also reports of a spooky looking cabin somewhere near the cemetery, but in all my times going there I have yet to see this cabin. Unless they mean the cabin at the beginning of the road. But that doesn’t look creepy to me at all….and it’s fairly modern. Anyway, the myth of the cabin is that there is an eerie light emitting from one of the windows and a ghostly looking woman has been seen inside (supposedly Elizabeth, I guess). Once again, I cannot say that this cabin exists because i’ve never seen it….but I also can’t say that it doesn’t.

Although I have never seen the infamous “green mist”, green lady cemetery has delivered some frights that I have found hard to forget. In the summer of 2012 a group of friends (including Dean) and I got into our cars and journeyed to the old cemetery to see what all the fuss was about and to see if anything could possibly happen to us. We got there around 11pm, it was a warm summer night and all seemed pretty quiet. We got out of our cars and began to walk around the cemetery, silently hoping something would happen. After about an hour a member of our group became frustrated with the lack of activity and started asking the ghosts questions in a manner that I can only call “taunting”. (Now, Dean and I don’t really like to taunt ghosts. We feel as once human beings they should be treated in a respectful manner so we were a bit uncomfortable with this.)

After a little bit of this I began to feel uneasy and we decided we would go back to the cars and wait a little bit before going back into the cemetery. I was sitting in the front seat of my car when my friend asked me to join her in the back so that she could show me some of the pictures she had taken. I got up and out of the car and went and sat in the back seat leaving the car door open. Suddenly, the car door slammed on me… so hard that I was thrown into my friend. My friend was actually slightly annoyed until she realized I had been pushed.  The door then closed on me again sending me further into my friend and slamming the door completely shut in the process. It was then amidst our screaming that we noticed my rear view mirror had been turned completely sideways… which was impossible since no one had been in the front seat to turn it. Our other friends upon hearing our commotion immediately from their car began asking what was wrong to us replying “we are getting OUT of here!”.I would just like to point out that the angle the car was on the hill would have made the door harder for it to close on it’s own. We were facing downhill, the nose of the car pointing downwards. The car door had to have been physically pushed closed by something and with FORCE, especially because it happened a SECOND time! The first time closed on my leg so it wasn’t able to fully close. But that’s not all! While in my drivers seat talking to our friends in the other car, both my friend and I heard a blood-curdling scream from somewhere in the woods. Now, this is a pretty wooded area….on a road that doesn’t have many houses or lights for that matter…it ALMOST looks like a highway. The scream we heard was definitely a woman, screaming at the top of her lungs. At that point we took that as a cue to leave and get out of there fearing we had frustrated the ghosts with our friend’s taunting. Could the screaming have been Elizabeth meeting her fate in the nearby swamp? Who knows.


Strange lights in the woods, green lady cemetery.


Orb of light by tree, green lady cemetery.


Stone wall entrance, green lady cemetery.


Strange lights in the woods, green lady cemetery.

So do I think green lady of Burlington, Ct is haunted? I believe something out of this world is going on there and we have a lot yet to discover about Elizabeth and her ghostly companions down on that silent, spooky, abandoned road in “almost the middle of nowhere”.

  1. Niomie says:

    I beileve the green lady I have seen her she Is scary

  2. jerry says:

    I lived in Burlington ct for 19 years , and yes there is/was a cabin in the woods close to the cemetery , I have also seen the mist people talk about , no I will not go there on a dark night

  3. Eric says:

    I’ve heard the screams and know which stone is hers

  4. john says:

    I have seen the mist come across the road and cover the road and seen Elizabeth in the middle of the road in here green dress. When this thing started walking towards our truck we didn’t know what else to do so we drove right into it looked back and it was gone. I live in Burlington and the house is still there tucked back in the woods you have to go through a fairly deep swamp to get to it. I didn’t go out looking for this house and I only remember the general area of it but its there.

  5. Erin says:

    Looking at the photo of the “stonewall/entrance” to the cemetery, I was immediately drawn to the faces, mostly sad/scared, in the rocks, the image in the tree trunk, and what looks like a dog of sorts in the rocks to the right of the tree.. It very much intrigued me.

  6. Austin says:

    Went there with friends a night before the death on the tomb stone back like 6years ago. They were smoking so I ventured off with my other friend and was scanning the area and talking with a group of young people that were hanging out with a recording device. Anyway, it was a clear night, and a creepy drive, the way the trees kind of block the moon on the way in, and after a few pictures, I took a “selfie” behind Elizabeth’s grave. After the picture was taken is when I got creeped out, my head was covered in a green mist! In the background of our other pictures, the mist was there too. Again, clear, non foggy type of night, mist was only visible through the pictures. But to all this, I say that there is obviously ghosts and things, the same way there is Jesus and angelic spirits. I am thankful I have Him to guide and protect me, and I don’t go looking for these kind of “highs” anymore, because you can be consumed and really dark things happen when you mess around with this stuff. God is greater! (:

  7. jeremy hewitt says:

    When I was about 15 years old me and few friends went up there during the day and got the shit scared out of us. We took pictures, and in those pictures are large black “objects” on the ground that we don’t remember seeing, and there’s definitely a few blurry parts in the pictures that I guess could be made out to be something. We also found this brick cabin type thing. I’m not sure if its what you’re talking about but it was old and creppy.
    I still have these pictures if you’re interested and would be more than happy to share them. I will never forget that afternoon.

  8. Jimi Kirk says:

    The story I heard every year when I was a youngster & camper there (over 30+ years ago) visiting the camp down the road (Camp Shade aka Fresh Air Camp) for 9 consecutive summers was that her house was so cold one winter that she was found in the basement wrapped and covered in green army type blankets, which happened to be the type of blankets they used for the cots for the campers. This is why she was known as the green lady to us. And yes, there is a cabin far back in the woods adjacent to the cemetery. We would visit there as campers and spend the night out there, at least 20 kids and 6 or 7 adults. I still visit there frequently for the memories I’ve had.

  9. Bob Reed says:

    Great place and a nice high rock to jump off into the stream a little past the cemetary.

  10. Ellie Martin says:

    i lived in the house at the end of the road right next to camp chase in 2010-2014 and I never heard or saw paranormal activity. I am though glad that I don’t live their any more! 😅 but I would be afraid to fall asleep at night

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