Currituck Heritage Park, Outer Banks, North Carolina

Posted: May 20, 2013 by linktay in Interesting Myths
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Currituck Beach Lighthouse, Corolla, NC

Currituck Beach Lighthouse, Corolla, NC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The outer banks of North Carolina have their fair share of spooky folklore including the mysteries surrounding the Currituck Heritage Park and Whalehead club. The park is sprawling and beautiful, with a gorgeous yellow mansion at the very center of all the commotion.

The Currituck Lighthouse in the distance.

The Currituck Lighthouse in the distance.

Upon reading about the mysteries surrounding the park I read that the lost souls of shipwrecked sailors are said to wander the park at dusk. Which was about when I took this interesting photograph. This photograph was taken about 4 years ago and to me, it still doesn’t look like any type of bug or flare of the lens. I have never seen an orb so solid and distinct. But what do you think?

Despite whatever it may be, the photograph is pretty awesome. I always say I take the best photos in the Outer banks… it’s just so easy to get a good shot!


But remember the first photograph? The lighthouse in that picture is actually one of the most haunted spots in all of North Carolina. The North Room of the Currituck Beach Lighthouse is said to have a very strong presence of two women believed to be that of the Light-keeper’s wife (who died of tuberculosis) and their daughter Sadie who was taken out to sea by a very powerful riptide. It was not until the next day that her little body washed ashore and was found by a couple of fishermen.

But after the light-keeper’s wife died of tuberculosis every single piece of article and cloth that she owned was forced into a barrel and sealed and left in the North Room of the light house (which could explain why her presence is felt there by people with psychic abilities). Children of the village were told to “never touch that barrel!”. But of course being children, they broke into the room and thrust the barrel open and began playing dress up in her clothes. When their parents discovered the morbid game of dress up the clothes were boxed up and burned.

Besides being incredibly haunted, the banks are great for family fun! Especially if you enjoy wild horses coming out of nowhere and stealing your floaties during your “relaxing” nap hehe! (TRUE STORY) Psshhhh……

(The story of Sadie and the Light-keeper’s wife comes from Ghosts From the Coast by Nancy Roberts!)

English: U.S. Coast Guard Archive Photo of Cur...

English: U.S. Coast Guard Archive Photo of Currituck Beach Lighthouse, Outer Banks, North Carolina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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