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Seaside Sanatorium is a hulking, decrepit building staring off at the Long Island Sound on one of Connecticut’s most highly visited and beautiful state parks. The building itself has become a state park of it’s own, declared by Governor Malloy in 2015, and is highly sought after by people wishing to visit it (and sneak into it).

Commissioned by the “State Tuberculosis Commission” the facility was build in 1934 and was designed by famed architect Cass Gilbert. The site was built specifically as a facility for children and young adults. Medical professionals thought that the fresh sea air and access to the beach and water would help to clear their lungs and speed up their recovery of the illness.

Unfortunately after varied success, the building closed and was reopened in 1958 as a elderly facility for 3 years until it was converted into a mental hospital. It stayed as a mental hospital until the late 1990s when death rates became unacceptable and the facility was closed in 1996. There have been reports of misconduct from state employees towards patients, but the reports were not thoroughly investigated so I guess we will never know…

Now onto the good stuff. First of all, let me explain that the condition of the buildings are so poor that going into them would be exposing yourself to black mold, asbestus and open elevator shafts filled with sea water from recent storms. It’s basically a death sentence if not a ticket to spend the night in jail – and state park employees take the liability very seriously. But when it was open, and when it was able to be investigated a lot of interesting happenings occurred. Workers in the buildings would claim to see apparitions of children/patients, sense cold spots, and hear voices and strange movements even whilst being alone. Many groups have recorded the sounds of children’s laughter and other strange unexplained noises. Objects left in rooms have been claimed to move on their own and even more creepy, the decrepit playground equipment is sometimes seen moving on its own by ghostly children who were taken too soon by an awful illness.

My boyfriend and I visited this place on an early September morning and the only word I can use to describe it is in fact, “haunting”. It’s one of those places where the feeling of history is palpable. There’s no other way to phrase it, you look at that building and it’s hard not see the images of the people and the children who came through there. The playground equipment, the large brick buildings, the nautical themed pillars on the top of the roof – it all is reminiscent of a time that you only get to see in photographs. Actually, it looks a lot like Shutter Island…

Despite being a place that had death visit it so many times, the feeling around the buildings is not a malicious or vengeful one. It’s peaceful, and calm, and the sound of the ocean makes for a serene view into the past.

Please check out our pictures of the building, all  RECENT pictures taken by Daniel Dahlstrom of Daniel Dahlstrom Photography (Atlanta, Georgia).

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Ghostly Side-Eye

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I’m sure all of us have heard a story of someone seeing something spooky out of the corner of their eye, but when they turned to look it was gone. I myself have experienced this phenomenon more times than I can possibly try to count. And I will say with complete honesty that these have been experiences with fluctuating certainty and validity. There are times when I’ve seen something in my peripheral that I sensed with every atom of my being, other times I’m certain it may have just been my imagination.

But why are “full-frontal” ghost sightings so rare? (Get your mind out of the gutter, you know what I mean!)

Well, it turns out that the key to figuring that out may lie in unearthing a few details on just how our eyes work in low light situations. We have two types of receptor cells in the back of our eyes called rods and cones. Central vision, used for seeing something with great detail, uses the cones; peripheral vision uses the rods. The differences between these cells give us different capabilities within our eyesight as a whole; and for viewing ghosts and spirits. When trying to see in low- light conditions (aka 2am in an old Connecticut cemetery) , it is well known that our central vision is weak (because of it’s dependence upon bright light, how needy ew) while our peripheral vision is much stronger in this situation. The rods in our eyes, used in peripheral vision operate a lot more efficiently during low-light conditions than the cones do; this allows the eye to detect light that is a “billion times dimmer than bright sunlight!”*

Our peripheral vision is also notoriously better at detecting motion. So that could explain why it seems the tiniest bits of movement seem to trigger the “there’s a ghost in my house” reaction.

But what do you think? Can we trust our peripheral vision though it may not be as clear as our central vision? Does its many useful attributes make up for the details it lacks, or can it not be trusted as a whole?

Wait…. What was that…. Was that a ghost?

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Hello all!

Hope your summers have been going well. Dean and I recently got back from a vacation to Orlando, Florida and decided it was time for an investigation before I leave for Germany (next Monday). After reading about a couple of places we decided to visit Gunntown cemetery in Naugatuck, Connecticut. The cemetery was founded in 1790 and contains the bodies of many people who supported independence from Britain during the Revolutionary War.

The weird thing about this cemetery is that unlike many other haunted location there is no myth or legend surrounding the land or area that would cause there to be paranormal activity. There’s no one ghost that is said to haunt the spot, but many. The most reported phenomenon of Gunntown is the sound of children’s laughter. Many visitors report hearing the sound of children laughing in the field just beyond the back wall of the cemetery. The sound then is said to gradually move closer until it sounds like it is in fact, inside the cemetery walls. Music, specifically “rag-time” music, is said to be heard in and around the cemetery as well. One witness described it as sounding like “a coffin was buried with a record player”. And that the exact point of which the music was coming from was never determined. Another popular apparition of the cemetery is the black dog. Many people report seeing a black dog that then quickly disappears upon being spotted. Some people view the black dog as a foreshadow of death, illness or misfortune. It has been reported that 2 people can be looking in the same direction, at the same time, and only one of them will see the dog. Woof, creepy.

The first night that we went to investigate it was only Kaitlynn and I. The cemetery was wet and slippery because of the rain that had just fallen. The cemetery is on a very dark, woodsy road next to a couple of scattered houses. We entered the cemetery and began to look around. The air felt thick with anxiety. Kaitlynn soon began to feel uncomfortable not long after entering. She reported hearing  a very strange dragging sound across the grass in the beginning area of the cemetery. We still don’t know what to make of that, it definitely wasn’t either of us considering the fact that we were both completely stationary at the time. The uncomfortable feeling in the cemetery only seemed to grow worse after that point and we quickly decided to leave.

Investigation 2 – Dean and Taylor:

A couple of days later we decided to go back, this time Dean and I made the trip. We got our flashlights and equipment and journeyed inside the cemetery. Whilst in the cemetery I found myself looking at a headstone, trying to read the old writing, when suddenly it sounded like some sort of animal was behind the stone. I heard this loud and frantic scratching and scurrying noise that only seemed to be getting closer to me. It freaked me out so badly that I screamed and fell backward onto a gravestone. I looked for the animal in question but couldn’t find anything. I am positive there was no animal behind that gravestone because I had my light shining on it and would have seen it scurrying around if it was truly traveling at the speed and ferocity with which the noise was behind made. It was very frightening. We then decided to try to listen for the children near the back of the cemetery. Besides some strange rustling sounds we did not get to experience the children or music. We DID get to experience something that sounded like a rabid Capuchin monkey. So if anyone has lost their rabid pet monkey lately, he’s at the Gunntown Cemetery scaring the crap out of people. This prompted our movement into the front end of the cemetery where Dean thought he heard the sound of metal clinking together near one of the bushes. I unfortunately did not get to hear this, but I wish I had.

Gunntown Cemetery is an interesting place that produces a very interesting feeling. It feels like a combination of unsettledness mixed with the uncanny sensation of being watched. Perfect for relaxation, obviously. The monkey helps with that, also. It’s one of the most uncomfortable places I have been in a long time. You always feel like something is right over your shoulder.

So, all in all, do I think the pace is haunted? Haunted is a strong word. I would say it’s active. I would say it’s creepy, and it has something going on there that I just can’t explain. It’s no 8th gate to hell but you won’t find me sleeping over any time in the near future!

Pictures coming soon!

Anyone who watches Doctor Who recently knows Clara Oswald, the impossible girl. The girl who is reincarnated throughout the Doctor’s time stream to save him, directly resulting in her death every time. And every time she leaves him with the famous “Run, run you clever boy… and remember”.


And remember.


What if we could? What if we could not only have past lives, but also remember them? A young boy claims to have done just that.



“A young boy in the Golan Heights claimed that he knew how he died in his past life, and despite some skepticism, he was apparently able to help bring the murderer to justice.

According to the Epoch Times, a 3-year-old boy living in the Golan Heights, on the border of Syria and Israel, told others in his village that he was murdered with an axe in his past life. The story was told by a witness to German therapist Trutz Hardo, who went on to author a book about children and reincarnation. Hardo says that Dr. Eli Lasch, who witnessed this particular situation, told him about it before he died.

The boy allegedly told others that he had been killed by a man with an axe in his past life, and because the people in his community took claims like that very seriously, they asked him what else he knew about that life. The boy reportedly took a group of people to the village where he was born, identified his killer, and even led them to the murder weapon. The 3-year-old apparently remembered the killer’s name, and when they confronted him, the killer reportedly turned white.

To make this story even stranger, the 3-year-old allegedly led the others to a body that he says was his past one. While that may seem a little far-fetched, villagers say the skeleton had a wound in the same area that the young boy had a birthmark.

Dr. Eli Lasch recalled this story to Hardo, who wrote about it in his book, and while some believe that it may not be true, others say it could provide some powerful proof into just how intuitive young children are.

Credits: This story was originally featured on:”


Obviously this is not the only account of children remembering past lives. I have heard many stories of children claiming to be war generals, soldiers and even deceased family members come back from “the dead”. When I was little I was convinced I was a passenger onboard the ill-fated Titanic. I was absolutely convinced I was a young boy who died whilst traveling with his family to New York. I read every book I could get my little hands on… every article… I was absolutely terrified of the ocean, and to a degree I still am. Boats frighten me though I have had no bad experiences onboard one. Even looking at a picture of deep water produces a gut wrenching anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach. Often, I felt as though I had memories I wasn’t able to reach. It’s hard to explain but it felt like I could almost grasp onto them, but something wasn’t letting me access them. As I got older I remember feeling less connected to those feelings… like I was becoming more distant. I of course don’t know if any of this is valid, I can only talk about how it felt to live it and not it’s validity.

But what does this mean about our views upon religion? If past lives are possible, then why doesn’t every body report having these experiences? What does this mean about heaven and God, and why only some people get a second chance? I mean, I am very aware that despite my belief in a God that the real deal may be a lot different than we have predicted. That our concept of heaven may be completely false for all I know. But why some, not all?

Before I end this little post I wanted to leave you with some first-hand accounts from parents (and some first-hand accounts) on interesting things their children have said about past lives. Feel free to comment and offer up your own stories and opinions on the matter!

1. When my son was 3, he told me that he really likes his new daddy, he’s really nice. My husband is his one and only daddy. I asked ‘Why is that?’

He replied: ‘My old daddy was really mean. He stabbed me in the back and I died. But I really like my new daddy, he’d never do that to me.’


2. When I was a little girl, I lost [it] when I saw some guy at the grocery store. It was unusual, because I was generally quiet and well behaved. I never had to be taken out of somewhere for misbehaving, but we had to leave the store.

When my mom asked what was wrong when we got in the car, I told her he took me away from my first mom and hid me under his floor and made me sleep for a long time until I woke up with my new mom.

I then refused to sit in the seat of the car on the ride home, but insisted on cowering under the dash board so he couldn’t take me again. It freaked her … out, as she is definitely my biological mother, so obviously my ‘first’ mom.


3. Getting my 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter out of the bath one night, my wife and I were briefing her on how important it was she kept her privates clean. She casually replied: ‘Oh, nobody “scroofs” me there. They tried one night. They kicked the door in and tried, but I fought back. I died and now I’m here.’

She said this like it was nothing.


4. ‘Before I was born here, I had a sister, right? Her and my other mom are so old now. They were OK when the car was on fire, but I sure wasn’t!’

He was maybe 5 or 6 years old. It was totally out of the blue.


5. When my little sister was younger, she used to walk around the house with a picture frame with a picture of my great grandpa in her hands crying and saying, “I miss you Harvey.”

Harvey had died before even I was born. Other than this common occurrence, my mom told me that she would constantly say things that my great grandma Lucy would say.



6. When my little sister first started talking, she used to say some really disturbing things. She used to tell us about how her old family would put things inside of her and would make her cry, but her Daddy eventually burned her so much that she was able to find us, her new family.

She spoke about things like that from the ages of almost 2 to 4. She was much too young to have ever been exposed to any content where children, or anyone else could [experience those things], so my family has always thought she held memories of a prior life.


7. Between the ages of 2 and 6, my son would tell me the same story of how he picked me to be his mother.

He said something about being with a man in a suit and picking a mother that would help him accomplish his souls mission. … We didn’t discuss spirituality … nor was he raised in any sort of religious environment.

The way he described it was that it was similar to grocery shopping, that he was in a bright room with people who were lined up like dolls, and that he picked me. The man in the suit asked him if he was sure, he replied that he was, and then he was born.

My son also had an early fascination with WWII era planes. He could identify them, their parts, what region they were used in, and the like. I still have no idea where he got that information. I’m a science gal, his dad is a math guy.

We have always called him ‘Grandpa,’ because of his peaceful and gingerly demeanor. This kid seriously has an old soul.


8. My nephew when he first began really talking in sentences told my sister and her husband that he was ‘so happy he picked them.’ And then went on to say that before he was a baby he was in a bright room and saw lots of people and he ‘picked his Mom because she had a nice face.’


9. My older sister was born the year my Dad’s mom died. According to my dad, as soon as my sister was old enough to say the words, she said ‘I am your mother.’


10. According to my mom, when I was younger, I would tell her about how I had died in a fire a long time ago. I don’t remember that, but one of my biggest fears is my house burning down. Just being around open fire scares me.

When the words “time travel” come to mind, what is the first thing you think of? Endless possibilities? Ancient Rome? Or does a more skeptical thought cross your mind. Maybe you find yourself doubting it could happen at all, and if so you should probably never watch Doctor Who. You wouldn’t like it. Stay away.

But despite your opinions on the matter, I would like to share a video with you. Here is a clip from Charlie Chaplin’s film The Circus. The movie came out in 1928 and was written and directed by Charlie Chaplin and Joseph Plunkett. As you watch the flip, take special notice of the woman with her hand up next to her ear. What is that she’s talking into, is that a cell phone. It couldn’t be… could it? And that’s just it. COULD it. What in the world could that woman be talking into, in 1928. Hearing aids certainly weren’t that big… did they even exist? Certainly, there were no mobile telephones… and CERTAINLY no telephones that were small and handheld. What in the world could it be?
COULD it be possible a time traveller was caught unexpectedly on film? Certainly, she wouldn’t have to worry about being exposed then since no one knew what she was using. But now we have advanced enough for us to recognize the device, and people are becoming suspicious. C’mon lady, even Captain Jack Harkness did a better job blending in!

What do you think? What are your views on the subject? And mostly, what does this mean about our concept of time?

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